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DATE: 16th and 17th December

Wartecx was an inter-branch technical fest conducted by the CMANIAX forum of the CSE department in association with the CSI forum of the computer science department, AIET. Wartecx gathered all the curious and engineering minds of different branches of AIET. It was conducted on 16th and 17th December 2021 in AIET Campus.

The inaugural ceremony Wartecx commenced with the prayer song by the Dhawni team. Mr. Koushik Chennappa and Ms.Samruddhi Bogar 4th year students formally welcomed our guest Mr.Vishal Vanaki, Corporate Trainer, Q Spiders Bangalore, Mr.Vivek Alva, Dr.Peter Fernandez, Principal, Dr. Manjunath Kotari, HOD, DEPT OF CSE, Forum president, forum staff coordinators, and all faculties and students.

The program has followed a talk by our chief guest Mr.Vishal Vanaki, He motivated everyone to actively participate in all the events to get benefited. He also told the benefits of conducting these events and how helpful for students to improve their personal skills. The program was next followed by a talk by Mr.Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee, who encouraged students to actively participate in the events.

In the end, Ms. Spoorthy V V, 4TH 4th-year student offered a vote of thanks to all. Overall 450 plus students of CSE have participated in the inaugural ceremony.

Wartecx was an inter-department event conducted for two days. This includes events like Coding, bid buzz, prasthuti, data heist, etc. which will help students to develop their coding skills and also communication skills. Apart from these events CMANIAX forum also organized exclusive events for civil, mechanical, and electronics students based on their area.

Wartecx has an event called Hire in which has three rounds, first round is aptitude, the second round is group discussion and the last round is HR round which helped our students to understand how to face an interview and get prepared for it.

There were 14 events which was a collaboration of both Technical and non-Technical Events.  Total of 600 students registered with the Registration fee of Rs. 40(individual).

Finally, the event was concluded with the valedictory program by our guest, alumni of CSE Mr. Samson Immanuel, Software Developer, Synopsis, Bangalore. He spoke about why participating in these events is important and how it helps us in career development and he also encouraged students to participate in more and more events in the coming days and get benefited from it.

Later the program has followed a talk by Dr.Manjunath Kotari, Hod CSE. Finally, the program was followed by prize distribution to all the winners.Finally, the program was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Anjali Prabhu, 4th-year student.

The organizing of wartecx bought a very good bonding among all students. The event was a huge success in terms of participation from aiet. In the coming years, many more technical and semi-technical events can be added up. Many students from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years took the initiative to conduct the particular event with a good participation spirit and with the support of the Management, HOD, and Faculties of CSE, AIET. Feedback on the session was taken, there is positive feedback from all the students.