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Chemistry department offers courses to the students of first year B.E (common subject to all branches) and open electives for higher semesters in Engineering. The department is an approved Research centre under VTU offering PhD program including course work and subsequent research in various topics.


  • Provides a substantial Chemistry background to supplement other disciplines at the institute
  • Gives exposure to state-of-the-art instrumental techniques



  • Metal layer deposition & Corrosion studies
  • Polymer and composite materials.
  • Organic syntheses

50 %
Ph.D Qualified Faculty

100 +
International Publications

3 +
Number of Labs

45 +
Research Grant in Lakhs
  • Vision

    “Nurturing enthusiasm and to promote research interests by applying chemical principles to meet the needs of the society”.

  • Mission
    • Impart quality education to achieve academic excellence through an effective teaching-learning environment.
    • Awaken the young minds to explore their hidden potential with high ethical standards.
    • Support the developmental activities of the college and make the department vibrant.
    • Inculcate the basic principles of Chemistry for interdisciplinary innovative research programs.


Dr. Ravi Kumar C

Sr. Asst. Professor & HOD M.Sc, Ph.D
08258 - 262724

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Teaching Faculty

Sakshi S Kamath

Assistant Professor

Sakshi S Kamath

Assistant Professor
08258 - 262724

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Dr.Mohan Reddy R

Assistant Professor

Dr.Mohan Reddy R

Assistant Professor
M.Sc, Ph.D

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Dr. Pavithra G.P

Assistant Professor

Dr. Pavithra G.P

Assistant Professor
M.Sc, Ph.D
08258 - 262724

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Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli


Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli

M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D
08258 - 262724

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Rajkumar Bhat D

Associate Professor

Rajkumar Bhat D

Associate Professor
B.Sc, M.Sc
08258 - 262724

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Department forum conducted by Basic Sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Maths-...


Department forum conducted by Basic Sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Maths-...


Sl. No.




Compression moulding unit

Used to make moulds of natural and synthetic fibre composites (Particulate, fibrous & Laminate composites)

Universal testing machine

Used for Mechanical Characterization like  Tensile testing and Bending testing

Wear & friction monitor

Used to analyze Wear resistance

Moisture analyzer

Used for analyzing moisture content of the samples by weight loss method




Instrument Model



Electrochemical Work station


CHI-Electrochemical workstation i)             Potentiodynamic Polarization Studies

ii)            Electrochemical Impedance Method

iii)          Cyclic Voltammetry Studies

iv)          Chrono Potentiometric, Amperometric studies



DC Power Analyzer


KeySight  N6705C




Monolayer and Multilayer Deposition of Alloys Using Different Power Patterns

DC Power Analyzer

APLAB Make 0-32V/0-5A dual channel Monolayer Deposition of Alloys


About the centre:

The centre engages in the design, fabrication and experimental evaluation of polymer matrix composite materials developed by reinforcing agricultural waste/by-products suitable for automobile, aerospace, marine and structural applications.

The centre houses a state-of-the-art fabricating & testing facility.  Research is focused on the development of new eco-friendly composite materials by using variety of natural fibres derived from plant origin such as areca, sisal, banana, jute, pineapple etc.

Products Developed

Industry ready composite materials based on natural areca, banana, jute, sisal, & pineapple fibres are designed and developed.

Research Grants

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Agency Research Grants Status
Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli Physicochemical & mechanical characterisation of natural areca fiber reinforced polymer composite materials VGST, Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnatka 30,00,000.00 Completed


  • Universal testing machine
  • Compression moulding unit
  • Wear & friction monitor
  • Moisture analyser

Research Group

Research Scholars

Research Scholar Research Guide Research Title University Status
Mrs. Dhanalaksmi S Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli Study of effect of chemical treatments

on characterization of areca fibre

Reinforced polymer composites

JNTU, Hyderabad Ph. D degree awarded
Mrs. Ramadevi P Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli Chemical treatment of natural abaca fiber for surface modification and its impact on properties of abaca fiber reinforced polymer composite JNTU, Hyderabad Ph. D degree awarded
Raghu Patel GR Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli Influence of Surface Modification on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Single Areca Fiber” VTU, Belagavi, Karnataka Course work Completed
Manuel Radrigus Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli Synthesis & Pharmacological Investigation of Heterocycle                              Encompassed Benzoxazole Nucleus” VTU, Belagavi, Karnataka Course work Completed
Sakshi S. Kamath Dr. Basavaraju Bennehalli The study of  effect of surface modifications and fiber loading on areca fiber reinforced polymer composites VTU, Belagavi, Karnataka Course work Completed

Unique Labs: Electrochemistry and Nano Science lab

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Pavithra G.P.


The lab aims at fabrication of Nano-structured Multilayer Alloy coatings using electrodeposition method by modulating current pulse. This new class of materials with alternating layers of different metal composition, having a thickness of few nanometers with ultrafine microstructure is of interest because of their fundamental and technological importance.

Electrochemical water splitting into Hydrogen/ Oxygen evolution reaction in acidic or alkaline solution, using an effective electro catalyst plays a growing role in the fabrication of alternative energy devices. In this context, the designing and development of various earth-abundant transition metals along with nano particles as highly efficient electro catalysts will benefit the technology through clean and sustainable energy system.


  • To promote research culture in undergraduate students
  • To develop interest in basic science oriented research
  • Research and development
  • Projects
  • Industry



Source Amount in Lakhs Instruments Procured
AEF research and development fund


10 CHI-Electrochemical workstation
VGST fund


5 KeySight  N6705C  DC Power Analyzer


Research Guidance (Ph.D)


Sl No Name of the student Thesis Title Mode of Registration Status
1 Rashmi D Development of Nanostructured Multilayer Coating by Electrodeposition for Aerospace Application at elevated temperature and its corrosion studies Full time


2 Abhijna Development of electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Mo and Ni-W alloys for corrosion resistance of mild steel Full Time Entrance exam is cleared and synopsis is submitted



  • Dr.Basavaraju B has received research grant of 30 lakh Rupees by Vision Group on Science & Technology (VGST), Government of Karnataka under CISEE scheme to carry out the project titled, “Physicochemical and mechanical characterization of natural areca fibre reinforced polymer composite materials”.


  • Dr. Pavithra G P, Faculty,  Chemistry department has received 5 lakh Rupees under Seed Money for Young Scientist Research Scheme (SMYSR), catalyzed and supported by Vision Group on Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka. The project title: “Ni-Mo Composite Coatings with Ni-ONano-Particles as Electrocatalytic Material”
Sl. No. Name  of the Guide Year of Ph.D Award Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the Research scholar and USN Year of registration Affiliated University Title of the thesis for scholar Status
1 Dr. Basavaraju B 2007 2010 Mr. Raghu Patel G.R.


2013 VTU Influence of surface modification on physico-chemical characteristics of single areca fiber Ongoing


Dr. Basavaraju B 2007 2010 Mr. Manuel Radrigues


2015 VTU Synthesis and pharmacological investigation of heterocycle encompassed benzoxazole nucleus Ongoing

Dr. Basavaraju B

2007 2010 Ms. Sakshi Kamath



2017 VTU The study of surface modifications and fibre loading on areca fibre reinforced polymer composites


4 Dr. Pavithra G.P. 2013 2016  

Ms. Rashmi D


2018 VTU Development of nanostructured multilayer coatings by electrodeposition using single bath technique and its corrosion studies


5 Dr. Pavithra G.P. 2013 2016  

Ms. Abhijna



2019 VTU Electrodeposition of nanostructured Ni-Mo and Ni-W alloys on mild steel as corrosion resistant coating




Add-on Activities