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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Department was inducted into AIET formally during 2020-21 under the flagship of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi with an intake of 60 students per year. AI & ML, itself is a broad technological ecosystem in the engineering world of academics and research leading to interdisciplinary innovations. Though a fascinating course relatable to real world innovations of the AI realm viz., Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana etc. by the young minds, there is a serious effort made by the department to dwell upon the foundations of the AI & ML course. The areas focussed in the course of AI & ML would be creating algorithms and developing scientific understanding for a wide range of topics including computer vision, speech and audio processing, natural language processing, machine learning and learning theory, and cognitive systems, on a broader sense.

This course helps to gain primary knowledge and skills in mathematics, network architectures. computer vision, programming, ,communication networks, and machine learning subjects such as natural language processing, image analysis, text analytics and their applications in areas from vision to automated reasoning where machine learning techniques are applicable.
Apart from regular academic content prescribed by the long term vision of VTU in AI & ML course, the institute has emphasized the relevance of content beyond syllabus and its implementations to bridge the academia-industry gap. In this regard, the regular course content is supplemented with an industry specific dynamic course in the same area designed and mentored by the knowledge partners. Furthermore, as  customary norms of Engineering course, a well designed experiential learning containing Industry specific invited talks, Technical workshops, Student Development Programs (SDP), Hackathons, Internships, Certification courses, Mini-projects etc. are executed every year. Besides technical part, the department
envisions the holistic development of a student, therefore would be responsible for coordinating various non technical activities viz. Cultural, Societal beneficial and Empowerment programs. Further, aforesaid structured ideas of the department contributes to the development of entrepreneurial ethos of the student community.

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  • Vision

    Foster competent professionals by instilling knowledge and skills in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning realm to cater needs of industry and community

  • Mission
    • To strengthen the assimilation process of concepts in AI & ML through experiential learning.
    • To create a better Academia-Industry liaison by means of skill enhanced training.
    • To develop a support system for Research and Development for broader application in AIML domain.
    • To promote Entrepreneurial culture through interaction with collaborative knowledge partners.

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Mr. Harish Kunder

Associate Professor & HOD B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
08258 - 262725 aietaiml08@gmail.com

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