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The department was established in the year 2009. Known for understanding the dynamism in the business world, the department conducted a variety of Innovative programmes this year. The programmes were chalked out in such a manner that they not only proved beneficial for students in their academics, a new horizon of knowledge opened up for the students.

The department offers three specializations, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance. Students can also enroll in value-added certification courses of the three specializations For the overall development of the students, there are classes in Soft-skills, Aptitude Training, English Enhancement, Newspaper Analysis, Computers and grooming- etiquette sessions.The main aim of these courses is to transform theory into reality.

Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET) offers an MBA degree affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. It enables students to build upon their undergraduate degree and specialize in emerging business fields. The much sought-after degree prepares graduates to take on leadership roles in organizations or to start their own enterprises or join family business. AIET continually reviews and expands its course offerings and electives to make the professional degree flexible; while adhering to the business curriculum and skills prescribed by VTU. The MBA program at AIET is not just affordable, it is rigorous, holistic and aligns with the current business needs. The institute has been able to achieve 100 per cent placements in reputed organizations year after year. The outgoing graduates are not just professionally qualified, but they come out as highly motivated, competent and ethical business men and women who are eager to serve the society.

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  • Vision

    To develop competent and ethical managers and entrepreneurs, sensitive to the environment and culture, responsible to their communities and global in their outlook and approach.

  • Mission
    • M1:  To provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to be effective in the field of their specialization
    • M2: To foster curiosity, broaden their horizons, and inculcate leadership skills to achieve academic rigour, highly grounded in the real world /job market
    • M3: To adopt systems thinking approach to learning to help students excel in a complex and ever-changing global environment
    • M4: To develop in them a strong commitment to embrace cross cultural diversity and an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • PEO1: Develop management graduates with theoretical knowledge, skills and attitude to be effective managers
    • PEO2: Transform graduates for leadership and management roles in corporate world and for starting enterprises.
    • PEO3: Equip graduates with systems and design thinking approach to survive and excel in a complex and ever-changing global environment
    • PEO4: Imbibe a strong commitment to embrace cross cultural diversity and an entrepreneurial mindset
    • PSO 1 Graduates will be able to understand, analyze and work with numerical and qualitative data and provide desired solutions to the stakeholders
    • PSO 2 Graduates will be able to use technology with ease in their specific domain of expertise
    • PSO 3 Graduates will be endowed with life-long learning skills, critical thinking skills and research outlook
    • PSO 4 Prepare graduates for entrepreneurship, ethical leadership and social value creation
    • PSO 5 Develop graduates for corporate jobs with global outlook


Dr. Claret Mendonca

Head of Department PGDM, MA, NET, Ph.D
08258 - 262724

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Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Priya Sequeira

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Priya Sequeira

Assistant Professor
MBA in Marketing
08258 - 262724

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Mrs. Maithri

Senior Lecturer

Mrs. Maithri

Senior Lecturer
08258 - 262724

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Mr. Johnson Fernandes

Assistant Professor

Mr. Johnson Fernandes

Assistant Professor
MBA(HR), Diploma
08258 – 262724

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Dr. Nagendra S

Associate Professor

Dr. Nagendra S

Associate Professor
MA (Economics)MBA (Marketing) PGDMM, Ph.D, NET
08258 - 262724

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Mr. Abhijeeth Bekalkar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Abhijeeth Bekalkar

Assistant Professor
MBA(United Kingdom), MSW, BA
08258 - 262724

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Dr. G. V. Joshi


Dr. G. V. Joshi

MA( Economics), MA(Political science), MPhil and PHD( Economics)
08258 - 262724

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Inter – Departmental Debate Competition

The event was judged by Prof. G V Joshi,  a renowned Economics...


The alumni meet of the MBA 2016-18 Batch was held on May 4, 2019. The function was presided by Dr...

Management Fest AGON

The Department of Business Administration of Alva's Institute of Engineering and Technology organized a One-Day Management Fest AGON 2018 on...


A conference was organized by Alva’s Institute of Technology and Engineering for the female students, staff and faculty of AIET,...


A conference was organized by Alva’s Institute of Technology and Engineering for the female students, staff and faculty of AIET,...

Sl. No. Name  of the Guide Year of Ph.D Award Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the Research scholar and USN Year of registration Affiliated University Title of the thesis for scholar Status
1 Dr. Nagendra S 2008 2018


Dr. Claret Mendonca 2017 2019

Placed Students

Placement Recruiters

One-Day Technical Session on Research Methodology for Internships

25th November 2019

Resource Person: Dr Kushalappa, Asst. professor, Govt. First Grade College, Beltangady


Dr Kushalappa was invited to speak to students on research methodology for preparing the students for the forth coming internships and also to help them write research papers. He enlightened them on what is research, types of research, the process of research, criteria for selection of project for internship, review of literature, sampling, preparation of questionnaire, measurement, analysis and interpretation of results.

Half-Day Technical Session on HR Analytics: Software and Visualization Tools

21 November 2019
Resource Person: Mr Ashok D’Souza, Lead Analyst, MResult Services Pvt. Ltd. Mangalore

Final MBA students and faculty attended the workshop which enlightened them on the value of HR Analytics, the commonly used software in industries and the visualization techniques and how to use them.

Health and Wellness

Resource Person: Dr Deepak Shedde, MD-PGIMER; Chandigarh | Date: 31 May 2019

Dr Shedde spoke on the very important topic health issues concerning women and the role of men in understanding and being supportive to women in their lives.  Since all of us begin our journey from the womb of a woman, it was necessary to understand and be aware of the reproductive cycle and also be able to protect oneself from serious ailments related to reproductive organs.

The interactive session that followed answered many of the doubts and students were highly appreciative of the lecture. Dr Claret Mendonca, Head of the Department presided over the inaugural function.

Research Methods for Outstanding Research Work

Resource Person: Prof. R Venkatamuni Reddy, Department of Commerce, MAHE, Manipal

Date: 15. 5. 2019

Prof. R Venkatamuni Reddy was very lucid and convincing in his delivery.  He started with “Why” of research,  and then went on to explain “How” of it and how to make sense of the SPSS output.  He gave lots of hints and suggestions to prepare a good project report.  The students found the session very useful as it was part of their syllabus  and also, that the second year students are preparing for their viva-voce and the first year students will soon be heading for the Organizational Study.

A half-day technical session was organized by the department to create an awareness of the new GST regime and its implications to all concerned.  Mr Flenil D’Souza, a budding tax expert in Mangalore was the resource person.  Since GST is part of their syllabus it helped them immensely to learn the practical implications of GST.

After the lecture presentation, there was a question and answer session.  Students expressed much satisfaction about the content and delivery of the lecture.  Dr Claret Mendonca presided over the inaugural function.  Dr Nagendra Sanoor was event coordinator.  Ms. Aiswarya, a student leader shared the dais with the other guests. Mr. Satvik Hebbar was the master of ceremony.   Ms. Afnan delivered the vote of thanks.

Career Opportunities in the Insurance Sector

Resource Persons: Mr. Giridhar Bhat, Branch Manager, DHFL Pramerica Insurance Company, Mangalore Branch and Ms. Esther, Senior Marketing Manager.

On May 2, 2019, Mr. Giridhar Bhat, Branch Manager, DHFL Pramarica Insurance Company, Mangalore Branch and Ms. Esther, Senior Manager conducted a session on ‘Career Opportunities in Insurance Sector’ at Department of Business Administration, Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar.

A guest lecture on career opportunities in the insurance sector was organised in the MBA Seminar Hall. Mr Giridhar Bhat informed the students about the lucrative jobs and self-employment opportunities available in the insurance sector. It could also supplement ones regular income substantially. Ms. Esther narrated her own experience with DHFL Pramerica after quitting her regular HR position in a private company. The talk was followed by an interactive session. The students were given guidance on taking the competitive exams for furthering their career prospects.

They explained the way to earn additional income with the Insurance Sector along with the regular job. Mr. Giridhar Bhat offered guidance to students about how to clear Insurance Examinations. They distributed Insurance Examination forms among students.

The function was presided by Dr Claret Mendonca, HOD of Department of Business Administration and attended by faculty and students.

Spirituality and Science

Resource Persons: Mr. Nishta Das, Mr  Powell and Mr Tapan Vyas

Date: 28.03.2019 

The event was organized in association with the ISTD Mangalore/Udupi Chapter.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Nishta Das, an IITian stressed on the importance of environmental protection for sustainable living.  He drew parallels with Vedic Science and the modern sciences. He discussed the limitations of modern science which studies mostly matter and has neglected consciousness and super-consciousness. Mr  Powell of Russia and Mr Tapan Vyas were the other speakers.

Leadership Assessment and Development Centre for B schools

Resource Person: Dr Happy Paul, Professor, Human Resource Management and Chairman for Leadership Assessment and Development Centre, TAPMI Manipal

Date: 28.01.2019

Dr. Happy Paul, Professor, Human Resource Management and the Chairman for Leadership Assessment and Development Centre at TAPMI Manipal, conducted a guest lecture on the topic ‘Leadership Assessment and Development Centre for B schools’.

Dr Paul explained as to how they develop leaders among students at TAPMI.  He spoke about the importance of generating self-awareness so as to identify his/her potential to become a transformational leader. He explained the seven psychometric tests used by them to measure various aspects of leadership in an individual. He opined that openness to experience is the most important trait which leads to the generation of new ideas and critical thinking.

How to start a Successful Business

Resource Person: Mr. Stan Goveas,   Director of Business Operations at Rock of Colors, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Date : 31 December 2018

Mr Stan Goveas a highly successful serial entrepreneur, shared his entrepreneurial journey with the MBA students.  He owns Brampton Monument Works, Mississauga Memorials, Caledon Memorials and Peace Monuments and is a franchise for Canada’s most successful Coffee outlet brand ‘Second Cup’.

He said, to become a successful entrepreneur one needs to have a healthy lifestyle, analytical skills, excellent networking, a good business plan and business sense.

He emphasized on the need for adoption of technology.  Confidence of the promoter is an essential requirement.  One should use the internet to advertise and market their goods.  It is important to own a website.

Tactics of Challenger Companies

Resource Person: Ms Laura Cairns, Management Consultant, KPMG, London

Date: 15 December 2018

Ms Laura Cairns, Management Consultant, KPMG, London, addressed students on the very interesting topic – How small companies and start-ups survived the relentless onslaught of the giants and also, managed to be profitable.

Ms Laura Cairns in her power point presentation illustrated and explained with many examples. Some of them were, how Tesla challenged the established passenger car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc. How large MNC’s like Ikea, P & G, Unilever used similar strategies to enter the new markets.

Workshop on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Mind Power Magic

by Mr. Ramani Venkat

Alva’s Education Foundation(AEF) has strong binding with professional career and personality development training centers which conduct exclusive training for AEF-Institutions. Mr. Ramani Venkat has been part of the Student Training Programmes in Alva’s especially grooming budding Managers/Engineers. The Department of Business administration, AIET has arranged a series of workshop to kindle the spark and rejuvenate of its budding Managers.

Hence the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Mind Power Magic, had been framed and the series of this program was implemented on 06-03-2018 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The first year students batch of 2017-2019 have started experiencing the objective of this NLP workshop with series of mixed exercises involving interactive lectures, presentations and practical sessions.

They understood and felt the importance of mind logics and started exhibiting their progress towards the confidence level at this stage during the program.The session enlightened the students thinking in overcoming the fear of failure and controlling emotions, inculcating responsibility through out their career. They also felt their social responsibility as a management student to incorporate and accommodate themselves in the corporate culture. The session gave hope to the students in developing amiable environment around them at home and at work

Indian Economy - Emerging Issues


“India’s growth potential is enormous. The country needs a suitable model for its growth. Only then we will be able to tackle key challenges that undermine the achievement of the potential growth rate,” said Former FAO consultant Dr. N.S. Shetty.

He was speaking on ‘Indian Economy- Emerging Issues’ , as a part of the Guest Lecture series organised by ‘FINBYTES’, the finance forum of MBA department of Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, at AIET Seminar Hall, Mijar on 17th October 2016.

Speaking on the history of Indian Economy, Dr Shetty elaborated at length on the financial sector which is meant to sub-serve the needs of the real economy and cannot drive growth by itself. He also said that there is a wide difference between mean-based production and need-based production.

Dr Shetty said, “The growth model that we should pursue has also been a subject of great debate amongst the policy makers. Should it be a manufacturing driven, export-led growth, should it be infrastructure led growth or one driven by domestic consumption? The discussion is still going on now.” Lack of investment in infrastructure- both physical and financial and high level of financial exclusion skill gap which has implications for employability are key challenges to growth, said Dr N S Shetty.

Dean of the department, Prof P Ramakrishna Chadaga felicitated the guest on the occasion. Prof Gurudatt Somayaji introduced the guest and Yashaswini compered the programme.

Capital Market Awareness Programme

BE A SMART AND WISE INVESTOR-Prof Raghunandan, Associate Trainer, Lotus Knowlwealth

“FIN BYTES”, the finance forum of the Department of Business Administration at Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mijar- Moodbodri organized “Capital Market Awareness Programme” by Prof. Raghunandan, an Associate Trainer with Lotus Knowlwealth (LKW), Bangalore on 4th October 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Raghunandan stated that development of the economy required intelligent investors with the knowledge to operate in sophisticated markets like stock exchange, commodities exchange, mutual funds and derivatives. This was to build the wealth with very high rate of return achieved through least taxability of the income and capital gains. He emphasised that consistency, liquidity and returns are the three pillars of investing.

Dr. Ravi Kulkarni, Programme coordinator, felicitated Prof. Raghunandan.

Computer Development Skills


The opening ceremony of the course for “Computer Development Skills” for the students of MBA Department of Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mijar, Moodbidri in association with NIIT Mangalore was held on Thursday, 29.09.2016. The function was graced by the Managing Trustee of Alva’s Education Foundation, Mr Vivek Alva who inaugurated the course. Mrs Pavithra Vikas, Business Partner, NIIT Mangalore and Prof P Ramakrishna Chadaga, Dean of the department were present.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vivek Alva stressed that it was vital that computer literacy had become a requirement in universities and colleges today. Our world had become more and more computerized, forcing people to work with the machines every day. It could only benefit them and

the workplace or the people around them. Computer knowledge has increased the functionality of the modern world, said Mr Vivek Alva.

He also emphasised that students should engage themselves and become exponential learners. He appealed the students to make the best use of the opportunity provided by the institute.

Prof P Ramakrishna Chadaga, Dean MBA, advised the students to take the benefits of this course to cope with corporate changes.



There is a difference between insurance and investment. Just keeping money in banks won’t make anyone rich. In 2046, nearly 4 lakhs Rs in a month may be needed to lead a decent life. This reality should be understood by everyone. Speculation is for gamblers. Investment is not trading. All should concentrate on wealth – maximization because it is the ultimate goal of investment. Obligations like constructing homes cannot happen overnight. Regular investment is the need of the hour, said Sri Harish, Proprietor, Premier investments, an associate of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

He was speaking on the occasion of a guest lecture organized by FINBYTES, the Finance Forum of the department of Business Administration of Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar on 19-09-2016 Therefore, start early, invest regularly and think long term- are the best strategies to

invest. If anyone understood the power of compounding interests, they will get rich faster than others, said Sri Harish on the occasion.

The Dean of department of Business Administration, Prof P Ramakrishna Chadaga was present on the occasion.

Mrs. Saumya Chandraker, Senior Manager (HR), MRPL, Mangalore – Successful organisational management strategy includes agreement on a common vision.

VIBES- the HR Forum of Department of Business Administration at Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar had organised a guest lecture on “Use of Technology in HR and Managing Organisational Change” on 15th September 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, the resource person Mrs. Saumya Chandraker mentioned that technology is playing a major role in HR today. Technology is also being used for talent search, master data maintenance, employee life cycle management, real time talent assessment and other related fields.

Technology is a wonderful tool for recruitment, training and development, performance management, virtual man power and data storage.

She emphasized that technology has brought in a paradigm shift in HR by making the system entirely transparent. The main goal of technology is transforming disintegrated departments into Strategic Business Units with embedded HR system.

The Dean of MBA department, Prof. P. Ramakrishna Chadaga also spoke on the occasion. He stressed on the importance of updating oneself in the Dynamic world. Programme co-ordinator Gurudatt Somayaji was present.

On 14th September, Wednesday, the Department of Business Administration at Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar, organized a guest talk on Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Mr Nivedan Nempe, inventor of areca tea (Proprietor of Mystic Aromatics) He addressed the management graduates of the institute and stressed on the need to become entrepreneurs for the rural development of the country. He gave an insight into how entrepreneur’s skill sets could be inculcated in the young minds.

He emphasized on the fact that failures are part of the entrepreneurial journey. He gave an account of the challenges which he had faced while setting up his business. He told that the real business could be generated in Rural India. Hard work, dedication and lot of common-sense are the prerequisites of a successful entrepreneur, he said.

Managing trustee Mr Vivek Alava, Dean of the Business Administration Prof. P. Ramakrishna Chadaga and the coordinator of the program Prof. Gurudatt Somayaji were present.

As a part of our efforts to educate the students on industry and related avenues, a series of guest lectures and talks were organized by the department this year. The topics ranged from financial matters to etiquettes. Prominent speakers from different sectors visited the campus and gave insightful lectures.


On September 9, 2015, the Business Administration Department organized a talk on “Politics of Poverty and the Corporate Sector of India” by eminent Professor and renowned economist, Dr. G. V. Joshi.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Joshi stressed on the fact that all subsequent governments didn’t put enough efforts to eradicate poverty from the country. He said some governments only mooted slogans and didn’t really take any concrete steps to drive poverty out of country.

Dr. Joshi then explained the inter-linkage between politics of poverty and poverty of politics, both of which had ruined the country and deprived people of happiness. Highlighting the need to create more jobs in the country, the speaker highlighted the need to provide basic needs to the common man and bring a balance between the expectations and reality in terms of economic conditions of people.

Managing Trustee, Sri Vivek Alva and Dean MBA Prof. Alexander Mathews were present during the occasion.The talk was attended by Faculties and MBA students of the institute.

Women Entrepreneurship

Dr Surekha Prabhu, HOD of the MBA department of KVG College Sullia visited the department on the 3rd of November and presented a talk on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’. She addressed the issues and challenges women face when they decide to branch out on their own.

Capital Awareness

The Bombay Stock Exchange as part of its initiative to create financial awareness among the public, deputed Dr Raghunandan of Lotus Knowlwealth on the 1st of September 2015 to give a talk to the students on ‘Capital Awareness’

Stock Market Investment for Beginners

Dr Raghunandan formerly of SVS College Bantwal visited the department on 18th February 2016 for motivating and educating the students on considering the investment option in shares. He gave a talk on ‘Stock Market Investment for Beginners’

How to Excel in MBA

On the 5th of November 2015, Captain Radhakrishna gave an encouraging motivational talk to the newly joined MBA students. He expounded on the need for a systematic approach to studies combined with a zeal to achieve

Importance of Etiquette

The 6th of November saw Retd Air Vice Marshal Ramesh Karnik, Retd Prof, JKSHIM-NITTE address the students on the ‘Importance of Etiquette’

How to do presentations and perform well at Group Discussions

Prof Preeti DSouza of the Mangalore University on the advised the students on how to perform well during the company recruitment process thro’ her talk on ‘How to do presentations and perform well at Group Discussions.

The Art of Management

On the 2nd of March 2016 the department had Dr Varambally from Manipal Institute of Management to deliver a talk on ‘The Art of Management’.

Event: Second Ireland India Institute Conference on South Asia 2018, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Dr Claret Mendonca presented a research paper titled “Challenges Facing Female Entrepreneurs Seeking Access to Finance in India”  at the Second Ireland India Institute Conference on South Asia 2018, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland held on 26th and 27th April 2018.

Event: KPMG’s Network of Women, United Kingdom

KPMG’s Network of Women, UK  hosted an event on 19th April, 2018 to share the journeys of women entrepreneurs in India.  Dr Claret Mendonca was invited to speak on her research –  ‘Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises and Their Access to Finance” in the state of Karnataka and also, share stories of successful women entrepreneurs and challenges faced by them along the path of entrepreneurship.




Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka conducted 22nd VTU Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet-2019  “Jnana Sangama”, at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College,  Bidar.

11 students from the MBA Department were in the Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology team.  These  11 students actively participated and won many prizes in the athletic events. The  AIET team won the Runners-Up Team Championship Trophy – 2019.


MBA Student Achievers

Dheeraj Poojary (Second year MBA)

  • First place in Discuss Throw and was selected for All India Inter-University Athletic Meet.
  • First place in Decathlon and was selected for All India Inter-University Athletic Meet.

Rajesh (Second year MBA)

  • Second place in 1500 Metres Race and secured second place in 800 Metres Race.

Aishwarya P (First year MBA)

  • First place in Javelin Throw and selected for All India Inter-University Athletic Meet.
  • Second place in Discuss Throw.

Arpitha H S (First year MBA)

  • First place in 20 Km Walk Race with a new meet record and selected for All India Inter-University Athletic Meet.
  • Third position in 5000 Metres Race.

Sahana Yenekal (First year MBA)

  • Second position in 200 Mtr Race and secured third position in 100 Mtr Race


Krithi Kumari (First year MBA)

  • Third place in 200 Mtr Race.


Paper Publications


Second Year MBA (Finance)


  1. A paper titled “A Review of Literature on Human Resource Analytics” was presented at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (sdmimd), 5th International Conference on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends, held on November 15 and16, 2019, Mysuru, India and published in the conference proceedings ISBN: 978-93-83302-40-6/Conference webpage:
  2. A paper titled “An Overview on the Concept of Portfolio Management” was published in ‘A Journal of Composition Theory’- UGC-CARE Approved Group- an international journal Volume XII, Issue XI, November 2019 ISSN : 0731-6755/ Web: http://www.jctjournal. com/ gallery/110-nov2019.pdf
  1. A paper titled “An Empirical Study on Consumers’ Perception About E-Banking” has been published in ‘The International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Model’ UGC-CARE Approved Group, Volume XII, Issue XI, November 2019-ISSN NO:0886-9367/web: http: //
  2. A paper titled “An Empirical Study on Consumers Perception About E-Banking” was presented at the National Level Paper Presentation Contest and Productive Dialogue conducted by St Joseph Engineering College, Department of Business Administration, Rendition-19 held on 25 September, 2019 / Web:
  3. Participated in the National Seminar on “Career Prospects for Budding Youth” conducted by Visvesvaraya Technological University, ‘Jnana Sangama’, Belagavi on October 19, 2019 Website link:
  4. Member of International Association of Research and Developed Organization(IARDO), a leading organization in the field of academic research activities – Membership No:812/November 3, 2019

Top Scorers




1 Ms.Rinu Thomas 2018 2nd Rank (VTU Exams)
2 Ms. Bindu Sapkota 2014 5th Rank (VTU Exams)


THE TOP SCORERS OF THE MBA DEPARTMENT FOR 2014-15 were Ms. Jolly Velankanni Lobo and Ms Swetha Poojary from the first year and Mr Satyajeeth Shetty and Ms Bhavyashree Shetty from the second year


Industrial Visit to Hubli – Dharwad – Belgaum

3 November 2019 to 8 November 2019


Day 1: 3 Nov 2019

Students and faculty visited Mookambika temple at Kollur and Murdeshwar Temple on their way to Dharward.  The lodging and boarding was at KMF Training Centre, Dharwad for the entire duration of the stay.


       KMF Training Centre, Dharwad


 Day 2 : 4 November 2019

Students were shown an introductory video of the Parle G manufacturing process and  products  at Elveety Industries Pvt. Ltd followed by an interactive session with Mr Basavaraj, a company official. The company is a contractual manufacturing unit of Parle G and has the credential to be the first CMU of Parle in India.


Parle G,  Elveety Pvt Ltd., Hubli


Tata Motors, Belur Industrial Area, Hubli

Mr Rajashekar, Senior Manager-HR showed a short video of the plant and the process

Thereafter, students were taken to the assembly line for small commercial vehicles which produced Tata ACE Zip and the Tata Magic IRIS. They witnessed the making of the engines, and assimilation of the various parts onto the chassis and the final vehicle being painted.

Day 3 : 05 November 2019

Ashok Iron Works Plant III

There was an introductory video session where the students got to know about the company, its products and processes.

Students and faculty visited the Ashok Iron Works Plant III which had fully integrated 3D model as input to Design and manufacturing of tools, dies and casts.  It is one of the largest foundry groups producing wide range of machined iron castings like engine blocks, engine heads and transmission housings ranging from 20 to 2500 kg weight per piece from a single cylinder to 16 cylinder engine block and single cylinder to 6 cylinder engine head.

Belagavi Airport

The CII delegate  Mr Anand Taware arranged Dr Claret and Mr B R Indushekar’s  meeting with the Airport Director Rajesh Kumar Maurya, Airport Director Belagavi Airport.

Vice President and General Manager Operations of Volvo Construction Equipment addressed the students and encouraged them to work hard, be open to learning and also be focussed on their personal and professional goals.


Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belgaum

The CII delegate of Belgaum arranged the visit to the Angadi Institute of Technology and Management.  The faculty and students of the Institute gave us a cordial welcome.


Vega Auto Accessories, BEMCIEL Industrial Estate,  Udyambaug,  Belgaum


Students were shown the plant and the process.  The company is a market leader for helmets.

Orione Hydraulic

Orione has been providing Integrated Engineering Solutions in Oil Hydraulics for the past 25 years. It is a professionally managed organization. It manufactures extensive range of  hydraulic jacks and cylinders.  Students after the video session walked through the shop floors and observed the process.

Day 4 : 6 November 2019

Akshaya Patra Kitchen


The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organization which  runs school lunch programme across India. The unit operations manager informed the students that children across 51 locations of 12 states and 2 union territory of India are getting nourished and nurtured with mid-day meal. The kitchen follows a gravity flow model. Students were very excited to gain knowledge on the various technologies used, time management and labour management.


At CEDOK Mr Basavaraju Goudar explained to the students  about the hierarchical structure of CEDOK. He told them about the DISHA program for young and new entrepreneurs. It was implemented in 31 districts. DISHA concentrates more on the college drop-out students, existing entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs and their main focus was on students from Arts stream.

Dharwad Milk Union, KMF

At the DMU-KMF students  had an opportunity to visit the various work station areas  such as Collection of Milk from various sectors; Testing of Milk; Pasteurization of Milk;  Testing of final product; and the Packing process. Students actively participated  in the interactive session that followed and they were indeed very excited to see the processes and technologies used.


Day 5 : 07 November 2019

Kirloskar Pvt. Company Ltd, Hubli

HR manager took great efforts to explain about the various operations handled at KEC. He focused more on HR related issues, strategies, current situation, various factory Acts and also explained how the current economic condition has affected Kirloskar business.

Deshpande Foundation – Sandbox Start-ups

The executives of the company explained the history of Sandbox and the reason behind starting this company.  Sandbox is one of the largest incubation centre in India.

Dr. Nijagun, Entrepreneur explained about his start up.  His main business was developing agriculture equipment which helps to solve the farmers problems. Ms. Rohini, Entrepreneur explained the qualities of successful entrepreneurs.


Students started back to Moodbidri on the 8th morning.  On the way they took a short break at Maravanthe Beach.  The students said it was an awesome tour with loads of learning.

Industrial Visit for First Semester MBA Students to The Hindu


An Industrial Visit was organized on 17th October 2019 for 1st Sem MBA students to The Hindu. Mr Mathew M J, the Deputy Manager and Head of Regional Office of The Hindu, briefly narrated the history from its inception till this day.  He touched upon the management, marketing and editing avenues of the newspaper. He explained the challenges faced by a newspaper and how organisations respond appropriately. Overall Students were given a complete idea on process followed in printing a newspaper also provided an insight on the functioning of the print media industry and how a good paper can contribute to the career enhancement of management students.

Industrial Visit to Indian Council of Agriculture Research

Central Plantation and  Crops Research Institute, Kasargod and Model Farm, Miyapadav -16 May, 2019

The first and the second year MBA students visited ICAR-CPCRI, a premier research institute established by Govt. of India for research and product development of  Coconut, Arecanut and Cocoa crops. It is located in Kasargod, Kerala

Since coconut, arecanut and cocoa are the main crops of this region, it was thought best to introduce the students to the business opportunities available to them by value addition, cultivation and marketing of these products.

The students were first shown a  film in the PJ Hall were they learnt about scientific farm management, the research that happens in the development of new varieties of seeds, the farming practices, development of products using these crops as raw material as well as the institutional support available to the farmers and entrepreneurs.

Dr Jayasekhar S, Senior Scientist (Agri. Economist) addressed the students on the marketing challenges faced by the growers and agro-based industries.  Since he was personally involved development of the market for the products introduced by the Institute, he was able to discuss and answer many of the questions posed by the students.

The institute is also into development of various products such as coconut oil,  virgin coconut oil, coconut chips, desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, neera etc. which have the huge market potential not only in this region but around the world.

The students were shown around the model farms. It was one of the best marketing management sessions the students have had as the crops and the industry was so familiar to them.

After lunch, the students visited Dr Chowta’s exotic farm at Miyapadav.  Dr Chowta again addressed the students as to the economics of being an agri-farmer.  He explained to them at length as to the need for change in crops and water management practices that have happened over three generations.  His family has moved from paddy cultivation to coconut to arecanuts and currently, they are into the big-time growing of exotic fruits such as rambutans, avocado and mangosteen which are profitable.


Industrial Visit to Pune

Date: 9 October 2018 to  15 October 2018

Day 1:  Departure from Mangalore Railway Station

Day 2 Magarpatta Township Development Company: On reaching Pune, the group proceeded to Magarpatta Township Development Company, a model township and visited the Seasons Mall.

Day 3  Cooper Corporation -Satara :M/s Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd., manufactures liners, motors and other parts for ships and vehicles.  The General Manager made a power point presentation and also interacted with the students. The Safety and Health Officer, informed them of the safety and health guidelines. The students were taken to their plant in small groups.

After seeing the plant, the group proceeded to Mahabaleshwar Hill Station.  They spent the evening at the Mapro Garden at Panchgani and waited to watch the sunset at the Pilot Point.

Day 4  Gestamp Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune – Takve Plant (Hot Press Process) and Chakan Plant (Cold Press Process)

Day 5 Thermax (Heat and Energy Solutions Plant) The VP HR made a power point presentation of the organization and the entire process.  He interacted with the students answering a lot of questions.

The afternoon was spent on Laxmi Street shopping and scouting the old Pune city.

Day 6: Departure from Pune Railway Station

The day of departure from Pune City.  Students were free to visit malls, temples and church.  Some went to meet their relatives and they shopped for gifts to carry home.

The  5-day industrial tour to Pune was organized by Dr Claret Mendonca for 79 students of Second Year MBA.  Dr Nagendra and Mr Johnson Fernandes also escorted the group.


On the 16th of October 2015, the Department of Business Administration had organized an industrial visit for 94 students of the First semester MBA course of our college. Four faculties of the department accompanied the students during their visit. The visits were to the following companies: KMF- Nandini unit at Kulshekar, The Hindu press at Jeppu and Achal Cashew Industries, Baikampady.

The entire class of I semester MBA was divided into two batches, ‘A’ and ‘B’. Two college buses were provided for the industrial visit. The teams reached KMF Nandini unit at 11 AM. Mr. Vishwanath, Manager, took charge within the company premises and took the group around the

plant briefed the group with the introduction about the plant as well as the number of production lines. He also mentioned about every activity happening in the plant like procuring milk from various units of Cooperative societies, filling, capping, labeling and packaging. He also answered the queries of the students regarding marketing and manufacturing of Milk packets.

The second visit of the group was to the Hindu press, located at Jeppu, Mangalore. The group visited the press at 12.45 PM. Mr. G R Venkatesh, Regional General Manager, The Hindu, welcomed the group and explained in detail the inception, ownership, management, marketing and editing avenues of the newspaper. The group left the company premises at 1.45 PM.

After the lunch at 2 PM, the group left for Baikampady to visit Achal Industries at 3 PM. Mr. P V Shenoy, Manager, assisted the group in explaining different functional units at the factory. The students got to know about the processes of peeling, sorting and packing of cashew nuts.

Overall, the students gained considerable amount of practical knowledge during this industrial visit.


On the 8th of March 2016, the Department of Business Administration had organized an industrial visit for 98 students of the Second Semester MBA of our college. Two faculties of the department accompanied the students during their visit. The visit was to RUDSET institute, Ujire.

Unemployment is the prime challenge India is facing in the process of its development. Scores of youth enter the job market every year after completing their school/collegiate education. The entry of automation and mechanization in every sphere of commerce and administration due to the advent of science and technology has further accentuated the problem. On the rural side, the employment potential in agricultural economy also appears to have reached a saturation level leading to large scale migration of manpower from rural areas to urban areas adding woes and

pressure to already over strained civic infrastructure. Hence, the visit to RUDSET, Ujire was focused on getting the students know about the training facilities provided for rural unemployed youth.

T.P. Jagadeesha Murthy, Director, RUDSETI, CS, Ujire, explained very clearly about the functioning, structure, methodology and admission procedure at the institute. There was a unique hand-holding facility at the institute wherein the trained students will be under watch till they become independent in their business.


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”- said Mahatma Gandhi. It is every citizen’s duty to keep his or her surrounding clean and neat. Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart. A clean India is the best tribute we can pay to Bapu when we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.

The department of Business Administration also took active interest in keeping the surrounding places clean by organizing “Swachh Mijar” programme on 14-4-2016 at Ashwathpura area near Moodbidri. All faculty and students involved themselves in the cleaning activities for the day. Students also visited villages and requested people to keep the surrounding clean.

Two-Day Workshop of Household Enterprising

Date: 3 and 4 December, 2019

Venue: MBA Seminar Hall


The workshop was inaugurated by Mr Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of the Alva’s Education Foundation and also the patron of the workshop.  Dr Claret, HOD MBA department introduced and welcomed the guest.  Mr Vivek Alva delivered the presidential address.  In his address he emphasized the need for being creative and enterprising.  He encouraged students to be disciplined,  hardworking and never to lose sight of their goals.  Ms. Krithi Shetty first year MBA student was the MC of the function.  Ms. Lavinia first year MBA student gave the vote of thanks.

03. 12. 2019 : Morning Session


Mrs Harini Rao, the President – Mahila Wing of District Small Industries Association, Mangalore  taught the MBA students to make trendy fabric bags.  She also gave them tips on how to start a home enterprise and earn a decent sum money through self-employment.



3.12.2019 Noon Session


Students  had a hands-on session on preparation of squashes, tomato sauce and lime pickle.  Mrs Harini Rao gave them step by step guidance and also shared the recipe of various squashes, tomato sauce and pickle.

4.12.2019  Morning Session


Mrs Ruksana Aboobaker a household name for exotic cakes and bakes in Mangalore for over three decades taught students to make the basic cake and also to prepare decorated white forest cup cakes with cream topping white chocolate with cherries.  Students and faculty were given a generous helping of the cake which turned out to be beyond expectations.  She too shared the recipes with the students and gave them important hints to be followed in the preparation of cakes.

4.12.2019  Noon Session


Mrs Harini Rao and Mrs Anuradha Kamath both members of DSIA conducted a workshop on making jewellery.  Students were given the different parts which were assembled to make beautiful bracelets, anklets, chains and earrings.  Boys and girls both made them.



The workshop ended at 4.30 pm with a closing ceremony.  Ms. Nisarga was the MC of the function and Mr Rajesh Dias gave the vote of Thanks.  Dr Claret presided the function.  Prof. Dr. G V Joshi and Mrs Priya, Asst. Professor are seen on the dias.

Knowledge Management

Date: 26 July 2019

Time: 11.30 am to 1.30 pm

Resource Person: Dr Amithab Anand, Assistant Professor – Academy Digitalization. KTO Research Centre and GREDEG Laboratory SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d’Azur, FRANCE


A Session with the faculty of Department of MBA on Conducting Cautious Research using Open source tools on the Topic of Knowledge Management

The highlights of the session were –


  1. How to use open and closed access database and do scientific reviews
  2. How to find gaps in literature (Using table matrix and abstracts)
  3. How to avoid plagiarism (Using open source software)
  4. Tricks to publish a review and theoretical papers (Theoretical Models)
  5. How to identify fake journals and publish in free ranked journals (Where to publish and Where to avoid)
  6. How to equip your research according to UGC Guidelines

Design and Development of Custom Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument

Date: 29 July 2019

Time: 11 am to 1pm

Resource Person: Mr Sreekanth M P.  Asst Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, AIET


His research was on Design and Development of Custom Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument Handle using Additive Manufacturing Technology.  He introduced the students to the process of research.  Students got to know from his research work, applications of 3D printing in preparation of tool handle, literature review, research methodology used, hand anthropometry, modelling of handle, prototype of handle, etc.

4 Day Orientation Programme for the First Year MBA Students (2019-21)

Day 1 (30.9.2019):

Welcome Address and Talk on the SOPs of AIET/Department by Dr. Claret Mendonca, HOD, PG Department of Business Administration, AIET

Dr Claret welcomed the students to the MBA Department, AIET.  She spoke on how MBA Degree is different from other post graduate programmes.  While other post graduate programmes scale depth in the respective subject of study,  MBA programme gives more of leadership training, communication skills, team building and other life skills.  It is a finishing school where students are introduced to systems thinking and design thinking.

Principal’s Address

He spoke on having career goals and a plan for life.  He said that most students come to the MBA programme without understanding its significance.  Dr Fernandes guided on how to have a plan for one’s life and how to set goals in life. He informed them about campus placements at AIET and how to prepare for it.

Talk on ‘Time Management’ by Mr. Johnson Fernandes, Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, AIET


He explained the effective ways of managing time and strategies needed to be involved in managing the time. He explained how time management plays an important role in everyone’s life.

Day 2 (01.10.2019):

Experiential Learning from the MBA Program at AIET by Mr. Prasheel Shetty, Business Development Manager, Demand NXT (Alumni)

In this session Mr. Prasheel Shetty discussed the idea of innovation and importance of having goals in life which really help us to get on in the corporate world.  He emphasized the need for being good at English language which is most needed in today’s competitive and complex corporate world.


Talk on ‘Current Economic Scenario’ by Prof. Dr. G V Joshi, MBA Department, AIET

He explained the problems and challenges the Government has to face and which need to be overcome.


Healthy Habits – Dr.Zenica D’Souza, Principal, Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College

She specifically addressed gross matters of health concerning boys and girls in their early twenties.  She emphasized the importance of healthy eating and impact of exercise on health.

Day 3 (03.10.2019):

Building Healthy Workplace Relationships –Mrs. Shazia Khanum, Assistant Professor & Coordinator, M Com HRD, Alva’s College

She stressed on Relationships primarily with one’s family members and friends. Later she informed the important qualities such as trust, respect, understanding that are necessary to build healthy relationships.


Personality Development – Dr Raghavendra Holla, Executive Admin and R&R at Mangalore SEZ Ltd


Mr. Holla used confidence building exercise to help them gain courage and develop self esteem.His motivational lecture inspired students to develop positive attitude.


Financial Literacy – Mr. NavinRego, Managing Director in Fin Analytics Wealth Managers Private Ltd.

He elaborated on the vital aspects of investments, importance to identifying and understanding financial strengths and challenges, managing wealth, investing in mutual funds and the importance of planned investment.

Journey from Corporate Job to Entrepreneurship, Ms. Shipra Rai. Managing Partner, Spindrift, Mangalore

She spoke about her life experiences of being an entrepreneur. She stressed the need for having strong communication skills to sell a product or service and to motivate employees, which was evident in Mrs. Rai. Her talk made students aware of the challenges in both corporate life and entrepreneurship.

Day 4 (04.10.2019):

Group Dynamics by Mr Sunil John on Communication, Leadership & Team building

He told students that communication and language are powerful weapons in their armoury which need to be well used.  He also taught them team building and respect for others.He shared knowledge on challenges faced by various professionals such as  HR, Financial Analyst and Marketers.

Entrepreneurship by Ms KomalPrabhu, owner of Maharaja group of hotels

Mrs Prabhu conveyed powerfully how hard work, dedication, and desire to succeed in life makes an entrepreneur successful. She attributed her success to teamwork.  She encouraged the budding management graduates to be entrepreneurs and pursue their dreams as there are a lot of opportunities in the business field.

Motivational Talk – Dr.Preethi Keerthi D’Silva, Asst. Professor, Mangalore University

She told the students that it is essential to be up to date with their everyday lessons and learning. She emphasized that students cannot achieve much without the determination to reach goals no matter how big or small they are. She ended up saying motivation is essential to be able to catch up with everyday lessons and learning.

Workshop on Professional Grooming for Corporate Life

Resource Person: Mrs Matharani Mathias, Corporate Trainer in Hospitality, Professional Etiquette and Social Skills
Date: May 21, 2019,

A half-day workshop on “Professional Grooming for Corporate Life” covered all aspects of grooming for managers. It was attended by both first and second-year students. Etiquettes and Manners covered introductions, dressing, telephone manners, email manners, interview manners, personal grooming, and table manners.

Dr Claret Mendonca, Dean and Head of the Department, presided over the function. Ms Deeksha Shetty was the master of ceremony, Ms Spandana introduced the guest speaker and Ms Aishwarya Kotian delivered the vote of thanks.

Conferences are significant parts in any educational institution to attract plethora of thoughts and arrange for an exchange of ideas. Experts and knowledge-workers gather to learn and teach many unknown and innovative things to those who are in search of knowledge. Management institutes organize conferences on varied management topics.


To highlight key issues in the field of Rural Entrepreneurship, a conference on ‘Rural Entrepreneurship’ was organized by the Department from 28-4-16 to 30-4-16.
The conference was attended by 273 delegates. An attractive exhibition on rural products and artifacts was also arranged on the occasion. A total of 10 technical talks were also organized.


As a part of the rural entrepreneurship conference the department organized a two day exhibition on the rural products. Twenty three stalls with 50 participants from all over India participated in the event. Milking machine, Bio plates machine, blacksmith, stone carvings, pottery maker, LED lights display, handmade ornaments, wooden toys, cocoon flowers, handbags were the main attraction of the exhibition. A total of 600 participants visited the exhibition and gained knowledge and experience.

The department takes an active part in making sure that relevant concepts in Management are practised. The forums of HR, Marketing and Finance are great platforms which provide students with the opportunity to hone their management skills.

Micro-Level Marketing Real-time Exposure

The final year students of MBA participated in expanding the customer base for Popshot app in this region. This was a real-time exercise in micro level marketing. Around 13 interested students got to the field and achieved the given targets.  The promoters felicitated them Certificates and freebies.


Objectives of the Club :

  • To increase competitive spirit among the students.
  • To know the issues and challenges of HR.
  • To make students aware of the current happenings in the field of HR.
  • To understand how HR theories help students in the practical world.

Programmes under the Club:

Live Case Discussions: In this activity, students are introduced to different live cases. They handle these cases through discussion and debates. Questions will be asked at the end of the session and presentations also held.

HR Vocabulary: Students are asked to find the meaning of different corporate HR terms.

Online Certification Courses: Students are required to visit the websites which give online certificates. They have to study a particular course, the duration of which differs. They will then get certificates online from the concerned authority which offered the course.

HR Blog: An HR blog is created to discuss various issues related to HR. The students can also post their views, present relevant information about the issues in the blog. They can also put their queries in the blog. The blog has been acting as a good platform to create awareness on HR matters.


ATOMS, the Forum of the Marketing wing of Business administration successfully conducted and nurtured the talents of business graduates by highlighting the marketing skills though various activities.

ur forum reached out to all first-year business grads in creating and launching of products and services, a unique team game, wherein graduates were asked to ideate the new products and services and place them in the market order.

Secondly, a Retail exhibit was demonstrated by final year business grads and this helped them in understanding the retail business. Thirdly, the forum conducted two day workshop on SPSS software to reach out to all the wings to familiarize the software in research and intern work, which was the highlight of the marketing forum.

Fourthly, creating new punch lines for new products and identifying close to three hundred punch lines of international products, companies and others were engaged for final year graduates.

A Business plan game was imbued to enrich the idea of organization work structure, operations, marketing, and other related domains.


It is an association of MBA finance students formed mainly for educating and training the students in the field of finance. The association conducted a number of guest lectures on various issues in finance. The experts from industry and institutions shared and interacted with our students.

The association has also conducted various finance games like finance quiz, mock trading, number games for first year students to sharpen their knowledge in the area of finance. The finance faculty of the department also conducted a workshop for the first year students on the “stock market”. The forum is planning to continue all these programs in the future years as well and in addition to this, it is planning to conduct more innovative finance activities to create financial awareness in the minds of our students.

Inaugural Address

From 13 August to 22  August 2019

Date: 13 August 2019

Time:  9.30 am to 11 am

Event : Inaugural Address by Mr Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee


He interacted with the students and informed the students about the expectations of recruiting companies from MBA graduates.  He gave them suggestions on how to get prepared for good placements.

Agri Business

Date: 13.08.2019

Time: 11.15 am – 1.00 pm

Topic: Agri Business  – Dr. Jayasekaran, Senior Scientist, ICAR-CPCRI.


He started with a small advise that students should be grateful to their parents and teachers.  They need their blessings to succeed in life.  He said it is never too late to change.  He quoted Swami Vivekananda’s words  “You all have roaring tigers inside you”.  His talk was centered on Agri-Business and the challenges faced by agripreneurs. He gave them ideas for starting small businesses.

Group Dynamics

Date: 13. 08. 2019

Time: 2 pm to 5 pm 

Topic: Group Dynamics – Mr Sunil John

He conducted group activity and taught them art of listening, communication, body language, inter personal and intra-personal communication.

Finance for MBA

14 August 2019

9.30am to 11 am

Finance for MBAs – Mr.Nithin Shetty  CA, M/s Nitin Shetty & Co.


He started with the opening statement as to how many of you hug your parents?  He advised them to do so because they are the only people who wish your growth without any expectations of reward.  He gave them loads of hints as to the kind of career opportunities finance learning would open.   He stressed on the knowledge of finance for HR, IT and marketing professionals.


Sharing of Entrepreneurial Experience

Date: 14.08.2019

Time: 11.15 am to 1.00 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Akshith Shetty, Octaplus Medicare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Topic: Sharing of Entrepreneurial Experience


He discussed with the students how he chose his field of study, the initial dilemmas at the companies he worked with and how his pursuit of happiness and the ethics he followed led him to start an enterprise which was hardly explored by others.  He advised them to chase their dream through hard work, persistence and determination.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Date: 14. 08. 2019

Time: 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Resource Person: Mr.  Yashwanth Kangen, Boat Builder and Marine Consultant, Mahasagar Boats

He narrated his entrepreneurial journey to the students.  He showed them the different types of boats such as workboat, trawler, motorsailer, canoe, sailship, dhow and more built by him. YK-built fiberglass and wooden boats work in seas around the Asian subcontinent, Europe.  He informed of the lucrative career opportunities for MBA graduates in water sports, entertainment and hospitality.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Date: 14. 08. 2019

Time: 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Resource Person: Mr.  Ashok D’Souza,  Senior Business Analyst; Atlantic Data Bureau Services, Mangalore 


He gave a bird’s eye view into the world of Business Analytics and Data Science.   He explained the importance of learning statistical methods and data analysis for individual businesses, institutions and organizations. His experience and knowledge was helpful to understand  that Business Analytics has emerged as a potential  business enabler in both public and private sector and is one of the fastest growing fields of study. The decision makers can integrate information from disparate data sources,  predict trends,  see key performance indicators, identify business opportunities and make better informed decisions.  He also informed students about the present job market for business analytics.

Building Soft Skills

Date: 14.08.2019

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Resource Person: Mr Shubhum, BACCE

A practical session on building soft skills, self-confidence and how to win over glossophobia.

Micro Marketing

Date: 16 August 2019

Time: 9.30 am to 1 pm

Resource Person: Mrs Apoorva Mulani,  Pop Head – HR and Mr. Faisal

Topic : Micro Marketing


The session focused on giving students a perspective of three integral aspects of marketing – Product, customer and linkage between product and customer through appropriate techniques that create an emotional connect.

The session started with the Beta phase in detail and the product development cycle through an interactive discussion methodology talking a hypothetical fmcg product model. The focus was on understanding the product perspective and the approach in product development and the criticality of product alignment to customer needs…

Next session was on customer psychology, consumer behaviour and customer matrix. This gave a good insight to students on different types of customers and their approaches, and methods to handle different types of customers. The challenges of reaching out to customers and barriers in dealing with them were explained with hypothetical examples

The next interaction was focused on the concept of product and customer alignment through different tools and thought process (strategies). This was explained through the concept of emotional connect that compels customers to align and buy the product / services. Case studies were shared to give real perspective on emotional connect.

Digital Marketing

Date: 16 August 2019

Time: 2 pm to 3.30 pm

Resource Person: Mr Arjun John D’Souza, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Alter Marketing Management

Topic: Digital Marketing

He introduced the students to the world of digital marketing.  He demonstrated the techniques used in digital marketing, its effectiveness and impact.  He informed the students that it is more than just a communication option. In the next two years, digital marketing will constitute a major part of any company’s marketing strategy.  Every company will look for digital marketing experts.

Micro Marketing

Date: 16 August 2019

Time: 3.30 pm to 5 pm

Resource Person: Mrs Apoorva Mulani,  Pop Head – HR and Mr. Faisal

Topic : Micro Marketing

The session focused on alignment of product, customers, and market alignment.

The part two session focussed mainly on actual selling strategies.


Technical Writing

Date: 16.08.2019

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Vikram

He dealt with topics such as technical writing, email etiquettes and corporate culture.

Motivation, Determination and Being Creative

Date: 17 August 2019

Time: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Resource Person: Dr. Amitabh Anand
Assistant Professor – Academy Digitalization, KTO Research Centre and GREDEG Laboratory SKEMA Business School, 
Université Côte d’Azur, FRANCE

A session on The power of Motivation, Determination and Being Creative in the field of MBA

  1. A story about a Business Man who was called the Man of the Millennium – Determination
  2. A Surprise story about a teacher  – Motivation
  3. A creative and humorous case on Marketing  – How to be creative in MBA

Business Communication and Essentials of Group Discussion

Date: 17.08.2019

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Resource Person: Mr Sunil John,  BACCE

Topics Discussed- Business Communication and Essentials of Group Discussion

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Date: 18. 08. 2019

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Srinath Sethuraman

He taught them Verbal and Non-verbal communication, Professional Speaking, Functional Grammar and Vocabulary, Situational Language, Listening Skills, and Email Etiquette.

Aptitude Training

Date: 19 – 21, August 2019

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Resource Person: Mr Abhijith,  SRM FACE

Aptitude Training

Topics covered:

Number System, Reading Comprehension, Data Arrangements and Blood relations

Time and Work, Sentence Correction, Coding and Decoding, Series, Analogy, Odd man out and Visual reasoning

Percentages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Sentence Completion, Para-jumbles, Profit and Loss, Partnerships, and Averages

Group Discussion

Date: 20.08.2019

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Resource Person: Mrs Priya Sequeira, Asst Professor and Mr Johnson, Asst. Professor, Department of MBA, AIET – A Session on Group Discussion

Content Writing

Date: 21.08.2019

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Resource Person: Ms Ashwini Jain , Journalist and Content Developer at Manjusha Antique Museum

Conducted a session on Content writing.

Mind Power Magic

Date: 22.08.2019

Time: 9.00 am to 5 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Venkat Ramani

Topic: Mind Power Magic

Faculty Development Training – International Tax and Technology Course

Faculty members: Mr Johnson Fernandes, Mrs Maithri Rao
Event : Train the Trainer
Hosting Institution: ERNST & YOUNG, BENGALURU
Dates: 13th to 18th May 2019

Mr. Johnson Fernandes, Assistant Professor and Mrs Maithri Rao, Senior Lecturer attended the “Post Training on International Tax and Technology Course” hosted by Ernst & Young at RMZ Infinity, Bengaluru from 13 to 18 May, 2019.

They were introduced to the US Legal and Tax Systems-Federal, State and Local; Tax Life Cycle-Accounting, Compliance, Controversy and Planning; Overview and Computation of Income of individuals, partnerships and corporates.


1) SriLaxmi Bhat( 3rd Sem MBA) and Rolwin Wilston Carlo (3rd Sem MBA)  has participated in Productive dialogue in Rendition – 19, A National Level Paper Presentation Contest an Production Dialogue on 25th Sep 2019 at St Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor, Mangalore.
2) Kiran Goudar (3rd Sem MBA) has participated and presented the paper titled An Emperical study on Consumer’s Perception about E-Banking Services. Finance specialization in Rendition – 19, A National Level Paper Presentation Contest and Productive Dialogue on 25th September 2019.

Add-on Activities