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Research & Development

Research and Development at AIET are rooted by visionary management policies like sending faculties to pursue their research studies under Quality Improvement Programs(QIP) to IITs/NITs and deputing faculties for various Research related Conferences and Workshops, Conducting various research related conferences/workshops. Interaction and collaboration with various Indian and Foreign universities such as Europe, Japan and USA are the part of AIET research culture. Providing facility of various research related projects to the students and faculties through MoU organizations like ISRO, IIIT, IISc, HAL, SCL etc.  Apart from this, the institute has established the unique labs to research aspirants to carry out research in different domains.

Research Publications

Govt. Funds Received for Research Projects

Sl.No Project Title Funding Agency Amount Duration Year of Sanction
1 Development of Prototype Chemicals Sensors for environmental/ Industrial/ Agricultural Applications KCTU Rs. 1 Crore 2 Years 2018-19
2 Detection of Artificially Ripened Fruits using Spectrometric Techniques VGST Rs 5 Lakhs 2 Years 2018-19
3 Ni-Mo Composite Coatings with Ni-ONano-Particles as Electrocatalytic Material VGST Rs. 5 Lakhs 2 Years 2018-19
4 Medical Image analysis using Riemann & Finsler Geometry VGST Rs 4 Lakhs 2 Years 2016-17
4 Physicochemical and mechanical characterization of natural areca fibre reinforced polymer composite materials VGST Rs. 30 Lakhs 3 Years 2016-17


Research Supervisors

Computer Science & Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Master of Business Administration





The following departments have been recognized research centres of VTU in the institute and students were pursuing their Ph.D programs.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communications Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Master’s In Business Administrations


Research Facilities


Lab Name Facilities available Amount Spent

Alva’s Centre for Advanced Research(ACAR) Lab

  • Excimer laser with gases
  • RF Sputter System with turbopump and RF power supply
  • Wet-bench with DI Water and nitrogen guns
  • General purpose Spinner
  • Oven for drying
  • Ball milling setup for preparation of fine powders
  • Box furnace for sample sintering;
  • TUBE furnace for sample annealing;
  • Thickness Profilometer
  • PECVD setup with Chemical series pump
  • Evaporator for metallic contacts with thickness monitor
  • Magnetic Stirrer with temperature controller
  • Microscope with CCD Camera
  • Weighing balance with 1 microgram resolution
  • Ultrasonicator
100 Lakhs
  • Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems(MEMS) Lab
  • 20 Computer Systems with brand  DELL, Intel ® core ™ i5-6500 CPU 3.2GHz. RAM      16GB, HDD-1TB
  • Operating systems                   : Windows 10 pro
  • Application Software      : Comsol 5.2 / 5.0/ 4.3 &Coventorware
50 Lakhs
  • Nano-Organic Electronics Lab (NOEL) integrated with Earth’s Field NMR (EFNMR) facility
  • Keithley source meter
    Magritek earth’s field NMR/MRI set up
    Two probe electrical measurement setup
20 Lakhs
  • CHI-Electrochemical workstation
  • KeySight  N6705C
  • APLAB Make 0-32V/0-5A dual channel
20 Lakhs
Composite Lab
  • Compression moulding unit
  • Universal testing machine
  • Wear & friction monitor
  • Moisture analyzer
50 Lakhs
Apple iOS Lab
  • Apple Server-1
  • Apple Client- 29
  • Dual Core i5, MAC iOS, 4GB RAM, 500HDD
45 Lakhs
Envision Lab
  • 3d Printers
  • High End Systems
  • Bosh Power Drill
  • Arduino Boards
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Solder gun
  • Glue Gun
  • Sensors
  • DC motors
10 Lakhs
Linux Lab
  • 30 High End Systems with Puppy Linux Server
  • Aurdino Boards, Sensors
25 Lakhs
IC Engine Lab
  • CRDI Engine
18 Lakhs
CNC Machinery Lab
  • CNC Machine Equipment
10 Lakhs
Advanced Materials Lab
  • Optical Microscope
  • Thermal Interface (TIM)
  • Rapid Quenching
  • Resistance Furnace
  • Diamond Cutter
  • Disc Polishing Machine
20 Lakhs
Innovation & We Lab
  • High End Systems
  • Media Lab for Audio/Video Editing purpose
  • Sensors
35 Lakhs
TOTAL Amount Spent 4.03 Crore


Yearwise Details

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