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Central Library

AIET, Department of Library and Information Centre, Mijar

Today, information is one of the most important part of our academic activities. Information leads to the generation of knowledge. An academic institution always takes the necessary steps to gather the relevant bits of knowledge from the various sources. So we called the library is a backbone of an educational institution.

The AIET Library is a storehouse of knowledge for teaching, learning & research. Being the heart of the academic centre, it is home for all the information services an integral part of any educational institution in the world. It plays a positive role in enabling access to information resources of all kind and providing innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the changing needs of the academic community. In this sense, the Central Library may be aptly called the temple of knowledge.

The AIET library has a modern and well-equipped building, which offers excellent infrastructure facilities in reading, borrowing and reference to the users of all the AIET library members.

This Central Library located at the heart of the Institution, It is easily accessible to the departments, classrooms, and hostels. Our Library implemented the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) based library automation software for its activities; it has well-trained professionals to support the user community. The building occupies a total area of about 1540 sq.mt includes the 1st floor. The building has a seating capacity for 300 users at a time.


Rules & Regulations
Library Books, Journals & Other Statistics
Library Services/Sections
Rules & Regulations


  1. Wear your Identify Card and enter your name at the login register
  2. The library is a Temple of Knowledge. Dress properly!
  3. Deposit your personal belongings in the racks provided at the entrance; you are permitted to carry only note books/writing paper into the library
  4. Before entre the library ensure that you’re not carrying the cell phone
  5. Maintain absolute silence and decorum inside the library
  6. Use the OPAC system for locate your document
  7. If you can't find the document that you are looking for, contact library staff
  8. Maintain silence and wait for your turn at the PC and the Photocopy facility
  9. Other than just printed text, the library has CD-ROMS, E- Resources etc. Use them
  10. If you need any help, contact the library staff. They are there to help you!


  1. Talking /whispering/laughing/discussions inside the library is strictly prohibited
  2. Please do not damage or mutilate the books in any manner
  3. Never write anything in a book. Remember, it is not your personal property!
  4. Do not misplace books; intentionally or otherwise. A misplaced book is as good as lost!
  5. If you notice somebody intentionally misplacing /hiding or damaging a book, inform the library staff immediately.
  6. Leave the books on the table after use. Do not put them back in the rack; the library staff will do this job for you
  7. Smoking/eating chocolates inside the library is strictly prohibited
  8. Stealing books or pages from a book is a serious offence and will attract severe punishment
Library Books, Journals & Other Statistics

Sl. N0. Stack Statistics  


Number of  title BE 6,261
MBA 1,547
Total 7,808
2 Number of volumes BE 19,767
MBA 3,593
Total 23,360
3 Number of Journals BE 60
MBA 18
Total 78
4 No of Periodicals 18
5 Number of CD ROMS BE 1,423
MBA  258
Total 1,681
6 Number of Project reports BE 554
MBA 362
Total 916

Library Services/Sections

Library Services

  • Book reservation
  • Audio-video viewing
  • Inter library loan
  • Internet access
  • OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue)
  • Photo copying
  • CD-ROM search
  • Document scanning
  • Reference service
  • News paper clipping service
  • Question paper archives
  • Current awareness service
  • New arrival display
  • Conducting orientation classes for newly admitted students

Library Sections

  • Circulation section
  • Reading section
  • Text book section
  • Reference section
  • Journal and Periodical section
  • Newspapers section
  • Group discussion section
  • Digital Library
  • Staff reading section
  • Photocopy section
  • Technical section

Sl No





E-Books:     10,000+

E-Journals   5700+



Taylor & Francis E-Journals 555 www.tandfonline.com
E-Books   4977(Perpetual Access) www.taylorfrancis.com


McGraw Hill E-Books     505 www.mcgrawhilleducation.pdn.ipublishcentral.com



E-Journals 304

E-Books 436(Perpetual Access)



Springer Nature

E-Journals 690

E-Books     14,000



Inst. of Civil Engg. (ICE)

E-Journals 10

Conference Proceedings  20



Emerald E-Journals  120  www.emeraldinsight.com/


New Age International

E-Books      220 

(Perpetual Access)



NPTEL, Intranet

(login with USN as : user name & password)


Sl. No Publisher/Database Available
1 Elsevier - Science Direct 304
2 Taylor & Francis (Engineering + Architecture) 536
3 Springer Link 690
4 Institute of Civil Engineers, UK (Jrls & Proceedings) 31
5 ASCE Library 39
6 ASME Digital Collection 28
7 Emerald (Management) 120
8 Packt (Professional) 5000
9 Taylor & Francis 4950
10 McGraw Hill Express 505
11 Elsevier - Science Direct 436
12 New Age International (Reference + text) 220
13 Springer Link 13985
14 Knimbus (e-Library + Remote access + Mobile App)  
15 Turnitin (Plagiarism Software Online Tool)  
16 National Digital Library (NDL)  
17 NPTEL, Intranet
(login with USN as : user name & password)
1 National Digital Library (NDL)  
4 Khan Academy  
5 National Knowledge Network  
6 W3 Schools  

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