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Machine Learning using Python Programming

Department of CSE organized Certification Program on “Machine Learning using Python Programming”. The Certification Programme was held during 27th August 2018 to 1st September,2018. The inauguration of programme was held on 27th Sept,2018 at Engineering Seminar Hall. This Certification programme was held in association with Dlithe Software, Bangalore. Mr. Arun Rajpurohit and Mr. N.Sridhar Murthy Dlithe Software were the resource persons of the Certification Programme. About 81 CSE students were participated in this hands-on training session of Machine learning using Python.

Dlithe have assigned the mini projects to the students to practice Python programming, machine learning during their 7th semester. This will help them to keep them abrupt with technology.  Students will also practice agile way of working. Students have learnt using cloud code repositories such as “GIT HUB” and they will use it during project execution.

Dlithe will engage students on fortnightly basis and do on premise review to check the progress. Students are also appraised with Internship report which they must follow and update regularly based on project progress.

The projects belong to the following area: Banking & Finance, Retail, Entertainment / Social Media, Academics, Agriculture

Objective of these project executions is build application that can increase customer experience and optimize operational excellence.

SL# Problem statement Batch Participants Remarks
1 Postal department in India plays an important role in letter communication. In the digital world, we still see many letters address is hand written and processing, sorting takes more time. Department would like to have solution for faster sorting, processing of letters. Batch 1 USN: Spoc



The solution can be extended to all courier services companies. Also explore other applicability of text/image processing
2 Police department and Intelligence bureau’s always find it difficult to trace thieves, terrorists, rowdy sheeters since they change their appearance and freely roam around. Department would like to nab them using an intelligent system Batch2 USN: Spoc




Usually the camera are installed and images are stored. Can you make use of this data set and build AI platform?
3 AIET website is awesome. However, a BOT would add value to increase customer experience and will result into operational excellence. Can you build a BOT for this? Batch 3 USN:Spoc


Use text and voice datasets
4 Bank is experiencing a huge crowd during festival times. Bank manager is confused to take any decisions as the employees are distributed to serve customers with a defined plan. Can you build a platform to solve this problem? Batch4 USN: Use sound decibel devise, integrate with Python programming to Analyze the sound patterns and provide a decision making solution
5 Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies always find it difficult when it comes to cheque processing. The difficult part is to match the signature and often cheques gets rejected. On the other side customer experiencing it hard about the returns. Can you build a platform with AI to match the text with nearest set? Batch 5 USN: Spoc




The solution can also be useful for fraud prevention
6 A major retail vendor is introduced many new brands, however he is confused about the future of these brands and modification needed? Can you analyse the companies twitter tweets or feeds and help them to give some decision? Batch 6 USN: Spoc



This can be applied to many industry segments
7 AIET can be benefitted more if ALEXA can be integrated with college infrastructure and make it functional to use it during inaugural functions like sports, tech, annual etc Batch 7 USN: Spoc


Hema R, Varsha S


Pre Final Year: Below are the assignment to practice during their 5th& 6th Semester

  • Make a web application to predict the customer eligibility for a loan by analyzing the previous data
  • Implement the basic idea of a self driving car using Open CV and Neural networks
  • Create a web tool to predict the stock market by analyzing previous data
  • Design a chat application to give suggestion by analyzing the user previous messages
  • Create a home security system by analyzing the patterns of a persons movement in home using OpenCV or sensors
  • Build an application to predict diabetics by analyzing the test report of a patient
  • Develop a system to unlock the door by using facial recognition and facial expression recognition