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Technical Talks Conducted Under ISTE Chapter

ISTE Student Chapter organized a technical talk on 24th August 2018 for the students of Information Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolgudi, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. He delivered the technical talk on “Operating Systems and its Applications”.

In his talk, Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolgudi briefly discussed on basics and various applications of the Operating System-that enables coordination of hardware components. More than 120 students attended the talk.

ISTE Student Chapter organized a technical talk on 13th August 2018 for the students of Mechanical Engineering department. Mrs. Anita Borulkar, Vice President Human Resources, Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW) Bangalore. She delivered a technical talk on “Corporate Expectations from Students”. In her talk, Mrs. Anita Borulkar briefly discussed on rapid technological change, participative management and employee empowerment, global competition, and other workplace innovations have created a demand for a higher skill level for engineering graduates. Identifying industry expectations for engineering graduates are an important step in developing university curricula which are responsive to the needs of the profession. She highlighted on specific industry expectations for new engineering graduates and which provide practical recommendations for strategically aligning engineering curricula with the professional community. It was emphasised that, by identifying specific skills requisite for career success, universities can provide an improved service for their graduates and the engineering industry.

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