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Envision Lab

About the lab

A research and prototyping lab set up on the campus of AIET at the end of 2016 by the team of Oscki Labs. The lab was set up with the help of students and follows the open learning culture. Now the lab is run independently and providing a platform for product development and manufacturing in the domain of electronics and robotics. The lab is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. The lab houses an industrial-grade 3D printer and PCB manufacturing setup for aiding the in house prototyping.

  • Imparting valuable practical knowledge on how things work to promote a community research culture.
  • Giving students various entries into different fields of research to enhance their thought process.
  • Making students involved in activities to boost their presentation and communication skills.
  • Providing internship opportunities to get exposure to industrial aspects.
  • Understanding the process flow of ideas to prototype.
Major Projects

Some of the major projects carried out in this lab are Zone-Based Vehicle Control, Smart Iron Box, KidZ, Micro weather station

Major internship and workshops

Important and major workshops and internships carried out in this lab are

  • Workshop on Fundamentals of Embedded systems and sensor interfacing
  • Fundamentals of PCB designing and development
  • IoT Internship and product development