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Alva's Institute of Engineering & Technology

A Unit of Alva's Education Foundation(R), Moodubidire

(Affilliated to VTU, Belgaum, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka)

Alva’s Agamana


Alva’s Agamana-2021 is a programme to welcome first year students at the Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Moodabidri and it was held during November 11, 2021 to November 22, 2021. This program was aimed to train the first year newly joined students in various aspects. TheAlva’s Agamana program begun with an inauguration held in Auditorium on the 11th November 2021. Dr. Ramachandra, Additional director DRDO was the Chief guest for the inaugural function. All first year students and facultywere attended this program.

Alva’s Aagamana program had a series of programs which include Campus Familiarization, Guest Talks, Subject Familiarization, Orientation on Bio-Diversity in Shobhavana Campus, Session on DesignThinking,Orientation about Competitive Exams, Quizzes, Talks on Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Social Entrepreneurship, Training Session, talks on ethics etc. Many eminent resource persons delivered their talk on different domains.


On the second day, Mangalore City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar gave a motivational talk to the students.He opined that “There are no shortcuts for success, hard work alone is the royal path towards ultimate success”.By making use of every single minute of academic life effectively, working hard towards their goals will lead to beautiful future.

Time management, discipline, patience, honesty, concentrations are the secret of one’s success. With this, it is possible to create diversity. One should never make unwanted comments or commands on others. Cultivate the habit of introducing your real personalityto the world, the virtual mask will never remain for long period and add value to your life every day.

Later he interacted with the students and answered all the questions raised by the students. UPSC exams are transparent so that the candidates can pass the exam without any fear. Mr.Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee, presided over the function. Dr.PrameelaKolake, HOD Department of Mathematics hosted the second day program.


Third day program had four sessions.In the first session Mr. Vrijulal M.V, Centre for Environment Education and Mr. Chaturved from IISc, Bangalorefamiliarised the students on Bio-Diversity in Shobhavana Campus. They showed different species of birds and varieties of butterflies at AnandamayaArogyadhamawhich is located at Shobhavanacampus. Further, Dr.Krishnamurthy M.S, HOD of PG department of Bhaishajyakalpana of Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College conducted aenlighteningdemonstration on variousmedicinalplants.

In a parallel session Mr. Ashwin Shetty, Ex. Chief Technical Officer, Air Bus delivered a talk on Design Thinking. In the afternoon session, Abdul Ahad IPS, SP Anti-Corruption Bureau, Govt. of Karnataka was a resource person for the orientation program on competitive exams.

He said “If gratitude is embedded in life, we can rise to the top,” He gave the information about competitive exam preparation.Continuous reading, time management and confidence are important for students to prepare for the test. He detailed the notification and model of the exam, the curriculum of the civil service examinations, the regulations and strategies to be followed.Aspiring officers to face the civil service test must first be in the mood to love the country and be legally and logically responsible.


The 4th dayAagamana program had a talk by Captain Naveen Nagappa, Kargil War Veteran &Sena Medal Recipient, followed by a talk by Col. Gupta. Nothing is impossible if we have a focused mind towards our goal, Success depends on the amount of efforts we put to achieve it, said Captain Naveen Nagappa, He advised the students, to define a goal in life and they should never have the feeling of giving up the goal by thinking ‘it is impossible’ at any point of time. Keep faith on your own self power. He then went on to explain how the Indian army won the battle of Kargil by overthrowing Pakistani soldiers, describing its role in the war.Our applause must always be given to the 527 brave soldiers who died heroically in the Kargil war and over 1300 soldiers who were seriously wounded in the battle.

He said that the Indian Army had won the Kargil war and the Indian army was not the only one with a large number of soldiers, but that India had never been inactive in the moral path.

Answering a question raised by the student stating why Israel, the smallest country geographically, is the strongest in the army, but geographically, economically and technically, India still imports weapons from the Western country he said “We Indians Must Self-Review”.He also stated that, While a large number of young people from Karnataka are coming forward to serve the country, the Army Training Center must start in Hubli or Bangalore to provide proper guidance and training.Later col. Gupta addressed the gathering about arm force recruitment.

In the afternoon session Mr. Sathwik Renowned quiz master has conducted Quiz competition.


5th day had 2 guest talks, a talk on Physics by Dr. A P Bhat and a talk on chemistry by Dr. Arun M. Isloor(NITK).

Dr. A.P Bhat explained the fascinating world of physics. He showed variety of crystals both manmade crystal and nature grown crystal. He said crystal are self assembled atoms or molecules, it has many applications not only in optoelectronics but also in photonics.

Dr. Arun M. Isloor said therelevance of Chemistry in different branches of engineering and Chemistry is a study of atoms and molecules which is integral for every branch of Engineering. In every branch of engineering the knowledge of chemistry is important for research and development and for an all-roundknowledge will help as interdisciplinary subject.


The sixth dayprogram had a talk on ‘Happy Engineering’ by Dr. P V Bhandary, Director, Dr. A V Baliga group and psychiatrist.

He said, it takes a lot of effort, externally and internally, to establish good aspects of life. With Our friends, we can make a difference in life, and might take the path of decline. So for our prosperity, we can make life happier if we follow the principles of SabkaSunana, DilkaKarna.In the lecture, the students were informed about test-fears, social-anxiety, depression, compatibility problem, the challenges faced by colleges, the psychological pressures of the students at the college level, the need for the subject, ways to manage it and the solutions to the challenge. Addiction to drugs is like being trapped in a maze.Once you get into that lore, it’s impossible to come back again. Therefore, young people should know that they can live a comfortable and beautiful life without falling victim to any evil.

In the next session Dr. Kurian, Principal Alvas college addressed the students about ‘Social Engineering’

In the afternoonRanjanBellarpadi, Executive director, Mangala Resource Management Pvt Ltd, gavea lectureon ‘Social Entrepreneurship’. He explained how a waste can be transformed into a resource. He also demonstrated how a daily waste can be converted into a fertiliser.


On seventh dayMr.Ramani and Mr.Ajithconducted a personality development & skill based Training Session.


On the eighth day session JCI –SoujanyaHegde addressed the students with a motivational message.In the afternoonsession,Sri. BhojeGowda (MLC) has given a guest talk.

BACCE Foundation had conducted management games. The aim of these games was to create skill, coordination and team work among the students. All the students participated in this event.


The 9th day programme was on ‘Life is all Positivity’ by DeekParassani. He explained the true meaning of life, the goal of life etc. The students asked many questions about issues in life and discussed how to solve problems in life.More than 400 students were participated in the program.