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Alva's Institute of Engineering & Technology

A Unit of Alva's Education Foundation(R), Moodubidire

(Affilliated to VTU, Belgaum, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka)

Auto Club

1.1 Aim of Auto Club:

The aim of the auto Club is to nurture and expand knowledge and to cultivate interest in the automotive culture.

1.2  Mission:

  • To take part in National and International events.
  • To create an interest in students about Automobile manufacturing
  • To develop partnership with Industries for product development and research in automobile sector.
  • To create a chain link of participation in Go-Kart, Eco-Kart, SAE Supra, formula Bharat .,
  • To encourage student to take up their career in Automobile engineering and go green technology.

1.3 About the club

The Auto Club of AIET embraces a group of hardworking individuals who share his common passion-automobiles. Our passion is for the latest technologies and innovations in the realm of automobiles drives us to endeavor to design and fabricate vehicles of our own. We take part in several competitions like SUPRA SAE, Formula Bharat..etc. Our love for Automobiles also drives us to spread this knowledge and help ignite this passion in others. We would like to organize lectures on Automobiles and their various sub-systems. We also hold workshops to teach assemble and disassemble of engine, chassis design software’s such as catia v5, v6 and Ansys 19 version.

2.0 Auto club Equipments


  • Supportive lab facilities
    1. Machine shop
    2. Fabrication Unit
    3. Material Testing lab equipment’s
    4. Metrology and Measurement Lab equipment’s
    5. CNC work shop
  • Safety Kits and First Aid kits
3.0 Activities

3.1 National Go-Kart Champions – FAME


Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers (FMAE) is a subsidiary of Adrob Technology Solutions LLP. Our initiative is to enlighten each and every one of you there with healthy knowledge of motorsports vehicle manufacturing and fabrication through our design challenges and FMAE academy.

Our Mission

We aim to nurture technical and managerial growth in each and every student throughout the country, providing them the biggest inter-disciplinary competitive platforms with assistance from both nationally and internationally renowned delegates by providing them a healthy and rationalized set of rules and regulations following which they would compete amongst each other.

Our Vision

We visualize a country with upcoming industrial experts’ i.e; you prodigies to inculcate fighting fit proficiency in the respective fields before you sign up professional venture.

Registration & deadlines

Registration: 25th September 2019 – 25th October 2019

The entry fee for a team amounts to 19,950 INR. This fee covers the entry of the 20 team members. Each additional team member must pay an additional fee of 1500 INR.

IMPORTANT: Note that NGC has 2 available categories:  Petrol & Electric. Each university can enroll their teams in one or both categories, so you have the possibility of participating in one category or another or both categories.

NGC Event : It will be provisionally held in MARCH 2020 at Pune, India


3.1.1 Approval Letter

3.2 Alva’s Terrain Vehicle

Mega ATV Championship is a national level ATV (All terrain vehicles) racing championship in India organized by “Autosports India”. It is inter college national level racing championship for engineering students basically for mechanical/ automobile branches. This championship is well known for its extraordinary racing format, night endurance racing.

3.2.1 Approval Letter

Fig: shows the approval letter

Fig: Shows the budget approval letter

Fig: shows the schedule of ATV event

3.3 Alvas Motorsports

Events: FKDC – Formula Kart Design Challenge

Formula Kart Design Challenge (FKDC) is the most promising Go Kart design challenge in India. The only Go Kart design challenge in the country to be headed by 25 Technical Committee members all of them having healthy knowledge in designing and fabrication of vehicles from reputed industries like General Motors, Fiat, PwC, Tata Motors, Honda, Ford and Hero Motocorp. The educational experts come from various reputed institutions from all over the globe to impart skill in this sector. We also bring you the most skilled organizing team in the country.

3.3.1 FAME-FKDC workshop

Fig : Team member participate in FAME-FKDC works in IITM, Hyderabad

FORMULA KART DESIGN CHALLENGE (FKDC) is the most promising design challenge in Indian the design challenge in the country.

  1. FKDC Season 4 will be conducted at Kari Motor Speedways, Coimbatore. Exact dates will be announced after confirming the availability of the registered teams.
  2. Total numbers of available slots are 60 teams across Country (International Teams Excluded).
  3. Students will be offered placements under FMAE Divisional Program (Non – Technical).
  4. Total 25 technical committee members all of them having healthy knowledge in the designing and fabrication of  vehicles from reputed industries like general MOTORS,FLAT, PWC, TATA MOTORS, HONDA, HERO, MOTOCORP. The education experts come from various institutions from all over the globe to impart knowledge skill, in this sector. The Total Prize money for the event is 3 Lakhs. All the prize categories are decided in accordance to favor the overall team efforts, no individual rewards will be provided to drivers, captains. All the awards won in the competition belong to the overall team.
  1. Participants got the insight about technical and non technical aspects, safety, penalty and conditions. Approval letter

Fig: Shows approval letter

3.3.2 FKDC competitions

The team Alva’s motorsports had participated in the FAME – FKDC competitions season 4 held in Kari Motor speedway, Coimbatore during 30th Aug 2019 to 4th Oct 2019.  The competitions consist of pre qualify round, Static rounds and Dynamic rounds. In total 80 teams registered for the event from the different university.

Fig 14: A snap of participation in FKDC competition at Kari motor Speedway, Coimbatore


Fig : shows the team with Go-kart in Technical Inspection Bay



Fig : Shows the catia modeling and fabrications works by the team members


Fig :shows the virtual presentation of the team


Fig: Team lined up on track for dynamic events


3.4 Workshop on Electric Vehicle Systems and Engine Electronics

As a part of Boot Camp for Final year students, From the Autoclub, we organized the 2 days workshop on EV technology to enhance the knowledge & skills in electric vehicle technology on 1st and 2nd Aug 2019 venue Autoclub, AIET.


Fig: Valedictory of workshop

3.4.1 Electric Vehicle Systems
 Resources Person

1. Venugopal Pratimal

2. Adthiya Naga Sai Tirumanishetti

Hours : 16 hrs /2 days

Total No Student present : 68


Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Electric mobility has become an essential part of mobility needs, and will imply significant changes for vehicle manufacturers, governments, companies & individuals. Adoption of new technologies in Electric Vehicles will demand for engineers with multidisciplinary skills and domain expertise or the new set of software and hardware tools. New standards for testing and development have been implemented, approach of charging has been the dearth and there has been drastic tech growth in battery technology. May be our college curriculums are not yet updated for this change or you may not have industry experts available at your institution for showing the better career opportunities in EV segment. Course content:
  • Electric Vehicle fundamentals
    • History
    • Terminologies and Abbreviations
    • Understanding units and calculations
  • Electric Vehicle Subsystems
    • Battery Technology
    • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
    • Charging Systems
    • Traction Motors
    • Motor Controller
    • Thermal management
    • EV Safety
    • Vehicle Control ECU
  • Subsystems practical demo


Fig: Shows the traction motor and battery management systems



Fig: Shows the resources person interaction with students


Fig: Mr Venugopal explaining about the traction to students Students Feedback


Fig: shows feedback report of the trainer

3.4.2 Engine Technology
Resources Person

Mr Suraj SD

Mr Sunil Shetty

Hours : 16 hrs/ 2days

No. Of Student present : 68

Automotive Engine Control Unit manufactures such as BOSCH, Delphi, Continental AG, Denso, HITACHI, KEIHIN, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., TRW automotive and many others Tier 1 & 2 suppliers are extensively working on the development and integration of such systems. From this course, students are designed to be a gateway to understand your roles and responsibilities for pursuing career in above or similar companies in Automotive. Through this is a basic course, students have learnt the components, working, functions, technology and skill sets that is require for career. Designed by core expertise in automotive technologies, with a team of specialists in Automotive Engine Control Systems. The course holds the purpose to share the resources person knowledge and create excellent skilled resources for industry needs. Course Content:
  • Need of Engine Control Unit – Applications & Beginning
  • Engine Control Unit
    • Functions
    • Standalone Type
    • OEM Type
  • Input & output parameters
    • Air metering
    • Fuel delivery
    • Spark timing
  • Advancement
    • Closed loop system
    • Electronic Throttle Body
    • Emission control
    • Diagnostic services
  • Hands on with ECU maps
    • Fuel table (VE & PWM)
    • AFR table
    • Spark table


Fig: Standlone ECU and Injector assembly


Fig: shows the Mr Suraj SD interacting with the students Student Feedback

Fig: shows student feedback of the trainer


Event : Student Formula Bharat 2019

Formula Bharat is an engineering design competition in which students from colleges and universities all over the country, compete with a life-size Formula-style vehicle in areas of engineering design, overall cost, marketability and dynamic performance. The series replicates the global student Formula series hosted in around 11 countries per year.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to gain hands-on practical experience, while applying engineering theories studied in the classroom. In addition, students learn the art of management and teamwork, which are essential skills required in the ‘real-world’. These student teams are required to build a new vehicle from scratch year-after-year and seek sponsorship and donations by their own means to fund the project.

Formula Bharat 2019 (FB 2019) is been hosted and managed by Mobility Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd., an organization dedicated towards hosting mobility-related competitions for students.

The team Dhrutaha had participated in national level event student Formula Bharat 2019 competition that took place at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore during January 23 -27, 2019. The competition had focused on the combustion category and an adaptation of the Formula Student 2018 Rules document. Our team backed 41st rank out of 100 team participated in the event. The competitors for our team are from national and international level teams.

Fig : Team Dhrutaha with Formual 3 car


Fig: Shows the team Dhrutaha in Technical Inspection bay


Fig: Team visited Formula Bharat competition

3.5.1 Participation Certificate


Fig:  Certificate of participation

Fig: Participation Certificate

Fig: Participation certificate

3.5.2 Approval Letter

3.6 Assembly and disassemble of engine parts

By activities, student will able learn from basic of IC engine working, Movable parts, energy flow..etc in a low power and high power engine. Students will again better knowledge about the IC engine and they can relate with the theoretical and practical accepts.

Fig: Auto parts for training purpose



Fig: Multicylinder assembly for training purpose


Fig: Multi Cylinder block


Fig: some snap of training internal program


Fig: Show the students participation in the training program