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Alva's Institute of Engineering & Technology

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KALIYONA COMPUTER-Rural Computer Education Camp

DATE & VENUE: 15th and 16th June 2022 at GPUC Bailur

Department of Computer Science & Engineering student’s association C-Maniax Forum conducted a Rural Computer Education camp in Govt Kannada Medium High School, Bailur. GPUC BAILUR was established in rural area. It is located in Karkala block of Udupi district of Karnataka. The school consists of Grades from 8 to 12.The rural computer education training was organized for 8th standard and 9th standard students.

The program was formally inaugurated on 15th June 2022 at Govt Kannada Medium High School, Bailur by HOD of CSE department Dr. Manjunath Kotari and Head Master Mr. Nagaraj, Mrs.Reena Lobo, Ms.Shilpa were present during the inauguration function.

Soon after the inauguration, the students began their training session by introducing them about what exactly is a computer? What is its importance and how it evolved? What are the major hardware parts and majors software’s found in a computer were dealt in detail. Later students were divided into group of and five and students explained about MS word, Excel, PowerPoint .There was a one to one interaction session with the students.

In the afternoon, hands-on sessions were conducted related to the topics discussed in the morning. Students were asked to create tables in word and insert the values also students were ask to calculate the percentage of marks in excel etc. The students seemed to be very interested and enthusiastic about the sessioand were comfortable in using and getting to know well about the computers.

The second day started well with an introduction about how to use online payments and demonstrated about the same. Students were asked to transfer money from one account to another account using google pay, paytm and also explained about how to scan any QR and do the transactions. Also demonstrated about how to use net banking applications.

Later session continued by giving introduction about UNIX operating system. Students were very much interested about this and UNIX systems, how they changed the world by the concept of free access and software. Also explained about mobile operating systems like android and mac OS and demonstrated about the same using the mobile phones. The hands session on that day consisted of getting to know some UNIX commands such as mkdir, cd ,ls etc., to create, delete, change directories and other things by making use of the Terminal available in a Linux distribution which is nothing but UNIX like in nature.

In the entire session of two days students completely filled with enthusiasm and made the session more interactive and showed lot of interest. The two days training was very interesting and it helped rural students to understand the importance of computer and learnt some basics of computer .Finally the feedback was taken from the students of GPUC, students were happy and they gave evidently a positive feedback about the training.