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  • 08258-262724
  • CET CODE-169

Minnerva 2019


The Civil Engineering Department of Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mijar, organized a Technical fest MINERVA-2K19 on April 9th and 10th 2019 in Engineering seminar hall  at 9am.

INAUGURATION: 09/4/2019  (9.00 am- 10.00 am)

Chief Guest – Sri H Pradeep Hebbar (Senior manager- Design Max pro Engineers Bangalore

President – Dr Peter Fernandes (Principal AIET- Moodbidre )

Head of the department – Dr H AjithHebbar

Fest Co-ordinator– Mr Ramesh Rao

                                      –  Mr Santhosh K

                                      –  Ms Aishwarya Lakshmi


The Inaugural function began at 9 am. The gathering was cordially welcomed by Ms.Rashmitha(VII Semester). Mr. Karthik (VII Semester) of Civil Engineering introduced the resource person to the gathering. President of the ceremony Dr Peter Fernandes motivated students through his dynamic address.


9/4/2019 Paper Presentation Dr H Umeshchandra
9/4/2019 Quiz Mrs. Veena D Savanth
9/4/2019 Centre Line Marking Mr. Sandeep
9/4/2019 Debate Ms.  Aishwarya Lakshmi
9/4/2019 Float The Boat Mrs. Rashmi
9/4/2019 Quick Survey Mr.  Ramesh Rao

10/4/2019 Photography Mrs. Akshatha S P
10/4/2019 Bridge Making Mrs. Rashmi
10/4/2019 Stand Up Comedy Mr. Santhosh K
10/4/2019 Best Out Of Waste Ms. Sneha Palled
10/4/2019 Treasure Hunt Mrs. Swathi K And Mr. Shankargiri
10/4/2019 Gaming Zone Mr. Surendra

VALEDICTORY FUNCTION:10/3/2019 (4.00 pm- 5.00 pm)

The technical fest was concluded with the motivational words by Head of the Department. Guests on Dias were Head of the Department and Faculty Coordinators. Winners were awarded with prizes by Head of the Department. “Shree Devi Institute Of Technology” was honoured as overall champion. Student coordinator Mr. Manu delivered Vote of thanks.




General instructions

  • Participants should carry college ID cards.
  • Spot registration is only for specified events.
  • Participants should maintain discipline and decorum.
  • Participants should be there at the venue on time, late entries are not entertained.
  • On spot registration closes 30 minutes prior to the event commencement.
  • Judges decision will be final, arguments are not entertained.
  • Online registers should carry the proof of registration.

  • Maximum number of participants in a team is 2.
  • It is advisable that presentation should be focused on a single theme. Different topics are also welcomed unless they are related to domain.
  • Abstract should be crisp and paper should be well comprehend not exceeding 10 pages.
  • A copy of paper should be mailed to the prescribed email ID attaching all necessary information.
  • The paper should be in IEEE format.
  • Power point presentation should be brief and no need of mailing it.
  • Soft copies of both paper and power point presentation are needed during presentation.
  • Carry at least 2 hard copies of paper.
  • Time allotted will not be more than 10 minutes followed by questionnaires.
  • Each person should be a part of single team and participants from single college can form a team.
  • The mail submissions should contain title, name of Author followed by Phone number and email ID.
  • Paper should be submitted through mail on or before 7th April 2019.
  • Team of 3 members
  • Overall duration is 90 minutes
  • No electronic Gadgets are allowed
  • Necessary materials are provided
  • Plan will be given on spot
  • Participants must mark the center line of the given plan on the ground using the provided materials
  • Judgment is based on accuracy, precision and neatness
  • Event includes 2 rounds. Round 1 qualifier can participate in round
  • Team of 2 members
  • Do not carry any survey materials
  • The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments
  • Judgment is based on the accuracy
  • Time duration is 90minutes
  • Open to civil engineering students
  • Team of 3 members
  • Maximum 150 popsicle sticks, thread and adhesive(fevicol) will be provided
  • Thermocoland other accessories can be bought by the participants if required, only to improve the appearance of the structure.
  • Bridge has to be executed on spot (including marking, cutting, fixing and painting)
  • Time allotted is 2hrs 30 minutes
  • Judgment will be based on the bridge creativity, aesthetics and presentation. Open to all engineering students.
  • Team of 3 members
  • Objective is to construct a model of a boat with the help of ice cream sticks, straws threads and fevicol satisfying to the rules below
  • Time allotted is 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Necessary materials will be provided to every team
  • Dimensions of the model will be specified during the event
  • Maximum load at which the boat sustains without sinking will be considered as final load
  • Only the winner gets the prize
  • Own electronic gadgets should be bought by contestants for PUBG, MOBILE LEGENDS.
  • Even playing in laptop for PUBG is permitted
  • Counter strike best kills in 5 rounds is the winner
  • Spectate mode for solo, squad, duo is not permitted
  • Once getting killed the contestant should leave the game immediately
  • Knockout round for NFS will be done
  • 5 members make a team for MOBILE LEGENDS
  • Once the team is registered any changes for teammates will not be entertained
  • Solo, squad and duo for PUBG will be conducted
  • Screening is done through Group discussion.
  • Topic is based on current and technical issues,
  • Topic will be given on spot.
  • 2-3 minutes for each individual
  • Judgment depends upon attractive points
  • Individual should not be targeted in his/her speech
  • An individual event
  • Time allotted is 5 minutes
  • Languages preferred are Kannada and English
  • Vulgarity and religious matters are strictly prohibited
  • Team of 3 members
  • Use of electronic gadgets are not permitted
  • Screening process is done in first round
  1. TREASURE HUNT Team  of 5 members
  • Time allotted is 4 hours
  • Screening process is done in round 1, only 10 teams are selected for further rounds.
  • Usage of electronic gadgets are permitted
  • Team finding the final clue bags the prize
  • Team of 3 members
  • Time allotted is 3 hours
  • First 30 minutes is given for waste collection within the AIET campus
  • Presentation time 5 minutes
  • Only adhesives will be provided
  • An individual event
  • Photograph should be captured on spot
  • Photograph should contain date
  • Photography may be on an event, creative photography and portrait
  • Selected photos will be displayed next day
  • Photography should be based on a domain or a theme.


(09/04/2019 to 10/04/2019)


Day 1 events (09/04/2019): Event Time
1 Inauguration 9am – 10am
2 Paper presentation 10.15am-1pm
3 Technical quiz 10am-11.30am
4 Centre line marking 2pm-3.30pm
5 Pick and speak 10.15am-1pm
6 Debate 2pm-3.30pm
7 Photography 12pm-1pm
8 Stand up comedy 2pm-3.30pm

Day 2 events (10/04/2019): Event Time
1 Bridge making 10am-1pm
2 Quick survey 10am-11.30am
3 Best out of waste 2pm-4.30pm
4 Treasure hunt 2pm-4.30pm
5 PUBG 12pm-1pm

Cost estimation:

Sl no Description Amount in Rs/-
1 Decoration 1000
2 Poster and certificate 2500
3 Travel expenditure 1000
4 Bridge making event 200
5 Crazy survey 200
6 Quiz 100
7 Centreline marking 500
8 Treasure hunt 500
9 Electronic gadgets 2000
  Total 8000
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