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AIET Faculty

Dr. Satyanarayan

Mechanical Engineering

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Designation: Sr. Associate Professor and Head
Qualification: B.E. M.Tech, Ph. D
Phone No: 08258- 262724 / 25
Email Id: satyaa.aiet@aiet.org.in
Teaching Experience: 9 Years
Industry Experience: 3 Years

Educational Details

B.E, MEBEC, Bagalkot2004
M.Tech, Materials EnggNITK Surathkal2009
Ph.D, Metallurgical & Materials EnggNITK Surathkal2014


  • 1Period (2013-2014)
    Mechanical Engineering
    AIET, Moodubidri - Senior Assistant Professor
  • 2Period (2014-2019)
    Mechanical Engineering
    AIET, Moodubidri - Senior Associate Professor
  • 3Period (2019-till date)
    Mechanical Engineering
    AIET, Moodubidri - Sr. Associate Professor and Head

1. Lead-Free Solders
2. Solidification And Mechanical Behavior Of Solder Joints.
3. Mechanical Behavior Metals
4. Explosive welding
5. Thermal Interfacial Materials

1. Non Convention Energy Systems (For P.G & U.G)
2. Engineering Drawing
3. Strength Of Materials/Mechanics Of Materials (SOM/MOM)
4. Material Science And Engineering
5. Foundry Technology
6. Mechanical Engg. Science
7. Biomass Energy Systems
8. Heat And Mass Transfer
9. Tribology

1. XRD Analysis
2. Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) Analysis
3. Failure Analysis
4. AutoCAD

International  25 + .

Few Selected


1.      Reactive wetting, evolution of interfacial and bulk IMCs and their effect on mechanical properties of eutectic Sn–Cu solder  alloy,” Advances in Colloid and Interface Science (Impact Factor 7.76), 166 (2011) 87-118 (Ranked 10th among the top 25 hottest articles by Science Direct, July to September  2011). (Elsevier Publications).


2.      Effect of cooling rate during solidification of Sn-9Zn lead-free solder alloy on its microstructure,  impact and tensile properties,” Materials Science and Engineering A (Impact Factor 4.08),, 553 (2012), 64-70 (Elsevier Publications).


3.      Wettability of Root Canal Sealers on Intraradicular Dentine Treated with  Different Irrigating Solutions, Journal of Dentistry (Impact Factor 3.456) 41(6) (2013), 556-560 (Elsevier Publications).


4.      Welding of Sn and Cu Plates Using Controlled Underwater Shock Wave”  Journal of Materials Processing Technology (Impact Factor 4.17),, Vol 245, July 2017, Pages 300–308.  (Elsevier Publications)


5.      Weldability Windows for Underwater Explosive Welding of Sn and Cu Plates” Journal of Materials Processing Technology (Impact Factor 4.17), Vol. 267, (May 2019), pp. 152-158. (Elsevier Publications).


National  5+

1.      Koushik N. , Jameson Keisham, Avinash Poojary, Lathesh, Shankarappa Kalgudi, Pavithra G.P., Satyanarayan, “Electrochemical Etching on Copper Surfaces to Achieve Superhydrophobicity“, International Journal of  Manufacturing and Materials Processing, Vol.3, Issue 1, 2019,     Page no. 1-6.
International : Organised 1, Attended 1
National : Organised 5, Attended 10
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