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Alva's Institute of Engineering & Technology

A Unit of Alva's Education Foundation(R), Moodubidire

(Affilliated to VTU, Belgaum, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka)

Mechanical Engineering

Sl. No. Name  of the Guide Year of Ph.D Award Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the Research scholar and USN Year of registration Affiliated University Title of the thesis for scholar Status
1 Dr. Peter Fernandes 2007 2010 Mr.Uday


2012 VTU Development and characterisation of CNT & flyash reinforced Al matrix composite Completed


Dr. Peter Fernandes 2007 2010 Mr.P. Venkatesh Murthy


2012 VTU Assessment and implementation of statistical process contol and metallurgical parameters in green sand cast ferrous foundry On Going
3 Dr. Peter Fernandes 2007 2010 Mr.K V Suresh


2012 VTU Performance evaluation and emission characteristic of CNSL base hybrid biofuel On Going
4 Dr. Peter Fernandes 2007 2010 Mr. Prashanth Kumar


2012 VTU Studies on performance and emission characteristics of sapindous mukorossi and bioethanol blended biodiesel on CI engine On Going
5 Dr. Peter Fernandes 2007 2010 Mr.Duda Naik


2012 VTU Development and analysis of polymer composite flying Castrol rod for aerospace application On Going
6 Dr. Satyanarayan 2014 2015 Mr.Sharathchandra Prabhu


2015 VTU A Study on use of latex in engineering and polymer composite On Going
7 Dr. Satyanarayan 2014 2016 Mr.Kumar Swamy M C


2016 VTU An Investigation on Thermal Performance of Interfacial Materials Using Low Melting Temperature Alloys On Going
8 Dr. Satyanarayan 2014 2015 Mr.Jayarama Bhat



2017 VTU Investigation on effect of Heat Treatment, Solidification Behaviour on Mechanical and Tribological properties of Al-Sn-X Alloys On Going
9 Dr. Satyanarayan 2014 2015 Mr.Shankarappa Kalgudi


2019 VTU Investigation on Nano Textured Surface for Realizing Superhydrophobhicity On Going
10 Dr. Harishanand K S 2014 2015 Mr. Yogish Rao


2019 VTU Fabrication and Study of Effect of Polymer Composite Electrode Membrane on Effeciency of DMFC On Going