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KALIYONA COMPUTER-Rural Computer Education Camp – Januvara Katte

DATE & VENUE: 22ND -23RD OCTOBER 2019 at GOVT KANNADA MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL, Januvara katte, Udupi Dist.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering student’s association C-Maniax Forum conducted a Rural Computer Education camp in Govt Kannada Medium High School, Januvara katte. The program was formally inaugurated on 22nd October 2019 at Govt Kannada Medium High School, Januvara katte  by Principal of AIET Dr. Peter Fernandes,  HOD of CSE department Dr. Manjunath Kotari and Head Master Mr. VijayKumar, Mr. Harish Kunder, Mr. Vivek Sharma, Ms. Shruthi Shetty J and Ms. Ankitha Shetty were present during the inauguration function.

Soon after the inauguration, the students began their training session by introducing them about what exactly is a computer? What is its importance and how it evolved? What are the major hardware parts and majors software’s found in a computer were dealt in detail. There was a one to one interaction session with the students.

In the afternoon, hands-on sessions were conducted related to the topics discussed in the morning. The students seemed to be very interested and enthusiastic about the session and were comfortable in using and getting to know well about the computers.

The next day started well with an introduction about UNIX systems, how they changed the world by the concept of free access and software. All the existing Android, Windows all have an internal kernel, which is actually derived from the UNIX system. The UNIX gives user the freedom and advantage to do whatever changes, modifications, research related to any field of his interest by easily developing, distributing the software’s or code free of cost available to everybody throughout the world. The hands session on that day consisted of getting to know some UNIX commands such as mkdir, cd etc., to create, delete, change directories and other things by making use of the Terminal available in a Linux distribution which is nothing but UNIX like in nature.

            The final day contained the major task of installing a Linux Operating System such as Puppy Linux. The students were first shown how to install the Linux, later all students were given a chance to try themselves out. The various processes involved such as booting the Linux, system softwares and some application softwares were discussed. Later the day concluded by a demonstration of how to use a Netbanking, book a bus or train ticket, how to use online payment system such as GooglePay, Paytm, Freecharge etc., were discussed consisting of separate session both for faculties as well as for students.

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